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05-12-2001, 09:32 AM
What previous mi music do you think should be used if there was an MI5.

05-16-2001, 09:32 PM
Originally posted by AFish01:
What previous mi music do you think should be used if there was an MI5.

I think they should keep up the Wagnerian tradition that is so common in soundtracks...it's sound and a goos storry-teller by its own right.

I knew who Charles L Charles was, merely by the music playing...it was a variation of the LeChuck Theme.

So this is what they should re-use...any theme that has been written for the character being used in the story. Otis, The VooDoo lady, Elaine, LeChuck, etc. all have their own melody that is re-used in each game.

What they SHOULDN'T do is violate that tradition, once they establish it...Scabb Isand's Theme is the SAME as Lucre Island's theme...they just re-hashed the melody again for EFMI. I loved the music for Jambaylaya Island...but I shouldn't hear it again, unless we return there.

Since the main theme has always been so, THAT should return as a signiture for Guybrush and his wacky adventures...(it was also the, albiet off-key, melody that JoJo was playing in MI2...nice touch, that)

As long as it's MZ Land's work...I feel pretty confident. Most of the charm and feeling of the Monkey Island Games is derived from the original music accompaniment, and so far, I have been satisfied with the music...and thankful to all the kindly help I recieved regarding ripping the music from the games...

...thanx again, all youse pirate-types.