View Full Version : Do any of the charaters from MI remind you of yourself???

01-09-2001, 01:51 AM
I was just wondering if anyone feels like they take after a Monkey Island character or if you see a bit of yourself in any of the charaters? Whether it be 1 character or a few of the charaters?

01-09-2001, 03:10 AM
Wow, you sound just like an English teacher. Replace a Monkey Island character with Holden Caulfied from The Catcher in the Rye and you've just given me the prompt for my in-class essay earlier today.

Anyway, I've felt a lot like Murray the Demonic Skull. He always wants to take over the world, but he doesn't have the means to do it. Mainly, no legs. I also have felt similar feelings. I have big dreams (not taking over the world), like buying a car or a video camera, but I never have the means (money). Likewise, Murray must face himself in all his personal defeats as I must do whenever I see another person driving a nice car around.

Man, if only I could use characters from Monkey Island in English class. I'd be set.

Oh there's a monkey in my pocket/And he's stealing all my change/His stare is blank and glassy/I suspect that he's deranged.

01-09-2001, 08:23 PM
hmmmm, whick character do i feel most like?? i cant remember if there were any punks in any of the monkey island games... so i'm going to have to go with the closest thing i can think of. I am most comparable to Kenny Foulmouth. He was the budding entrepanuer, and I myself am also always finding ways to make some extra cash with out actually getting a job. I also like guns, and Kenny ran guns.

if anyone can remember "punk" like characters, thats REALLY me.

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01-09-2001, 08:33 PM
I would have to say I act like guybrush. the humor, random ideas that have nouthing to do with eachother. I also some times act like murray. scaring my friends and or people I dont know that well is always fun, but I'm not sure if they are scared of the threats or the pinch of insanity http://www.escapemi.com/forums/smile.gif
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01-10-2001, 03:56 AM
Swowwy Dinghy I happen to like English that's all http://www.escapemi.com/forums/smile.gif it was my fave subject at school, so I guess that says a few things

I dunno I can kinda see a bit of Elaine in myself- I'm a ***** given the oppertunity, I mean my bf tries hard to please me, but usually I'm telling him to **** off or something, he means well though- actually our whole relationship kinda reminds me of Elaine and Guybrush LOL, cept I don't think we're that bad really. Elaine is pretty much set on what she wants out of life (well she seems that way to me) and Guybrush, well I'm not really sure if he knows what he wants out of life (other than to be a pirate) and that seems like my bf

Annnnnnyways, that's just me http://www.escapemi.com/forums/smile.gif

The Feral Chicken
01-10-2001, 05:32 PM
I'm like the shopkeeper from MI1, in that I will do nothing until told to; and still don't do it well! And also Murray, in that I am pathetic and will go out of my way to get attention.

I know there is someone in MI who tells crap jokes and knows they are crap, just for the hell of it.

And I can do a great Murray/Dr Evil laugh!

That's the second chicken I've ever seen! What with me being a pirate and all. I don't see many chickens in my line of work.
What? Stop looking at me like that!

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01-10-2001, 09:25 PM
It's okay Natty, I have nothing against English, it's just my mind was all "englished-out" that day. It's not the subject that's the problem, it's the teacher. I'd say she is most like Ozzie Mandrill. She tries to break everyone's spirit with evil. She's not quite from Australia though, she's from New Zealand. I know there are a lot of people from the U.K. and Australia on this site, but is there anyone from N.Z. around? How do you handle an energetic Kiwi? She annoys me to no end. In fact, I should be writing an essay right now. I'd say I feel like LaFoot, the winch operator on Skull Island in CMI. She never tells me how to do anything, and I can't seem to get anything right. Kind of like no matter how many times you use the winch on Skull Island, LeFoot will always drop you.

Oh there's a monkey in my pocket/And he's stealing all my change/His stare is blank and glassy/I suspect that he's deranged.

01-11-2001, 09:14 AM
If you need any help Dhingy, I'll try and help ya lol, I know its a bit hard from a few thousand km away but I happen to like English, so you never know (unless it's on some text you're reading, well I doubt I can help you there, unless I've actually read the text myself) but if you need help you can email me all_silly_n_stuff@hotmail.com or ICQ me 22344468

OMG.. am I offering to help with schoolwork on my own accord? I need a holiday... I promised once I finished school I would never do school work again and now I'm offereing help? Someone slap me

01-11-2001, 09:02 PM
http://www.escapemi.com/forums/smile.gifThanks, but it's okay, I'm not bad at English it's just that my teacher is trying to confuse everyone. My class read Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter a long time ago. Then we read Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, so I've forgotten a lot about The Scarlet Letter. Now we are returning to Hawthorne's work and writing essays about it, but it is really hard since I don't remember much. I guess I feel like Guybrush going from island to island in LCR and maybe EMI, because I am going from book to book.

the english git
01-14-2001, 08:29 PM
i am actually like Murray as i'm evil and want to take over the world
strange that as i'm called Murray as well

yet another witty message from The English Git


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01-15-2001, 11:31 PM
I just can't take this kind of violence. I'm leaving.

01-18-2001, 09:05 AM
OWWWW DON'T SLAP ME I HAVE A VERY LOW PAIN TOLLERANCE (ooooops caps) but seriously, why the slap???? http://www.escapemi.com/forums/frown.gif you're probably lucky this is the net and not real life- I've been told I have a killer slap http://www.escapemi.com/forums/tongue.gif

01-30-2001, 10:43 PM
This board is scaring me, but I totally think I'm a lot like a couple of people http://www.escapemi.com/forums/biggrin.gif

WILLY- the cute little guy on Scabb island. ah yes, the blind one, *sigh*

The Musical Monkey in EFMI4- Yes, I do not give things away. I need stuff in return. Usually, money... Yesm

Stan- I'm almost as annoying and almost as stupid. Indeed.

Thats about it. Not a lot of girls in the story though mm??
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No Worries, Im not a Female Libber. You pay for my crap? Im happy. Anyways, there ya go!!


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`Guybrush Threepwood

01-31-2001, 12:31 AM
Willy? Do you mean Wally or is it someone else that I can't remember?


01-31-2001, 01:36 AM
I think it's supposed to be Wally. And Stan isn't stupid, he's a shrewd businessman. Look at SMI.

02-19-2001, 08:59 PM
I aggree with frenchyd "this baord is scarying me" but I think I feel like I'm most like Pegnose Pete because I'm easily persauded by a lot of money

I can still hear the Monkeys

03-04-2001, 07:09 AM
I'm like a cross Btween a lotta Otis, some Murray, a little Guybrush and a bit of I Cheese


06-18-2001, 07:00 PM
I'm a bit like LeChuck because I am eeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvillllllllllll and a bit like Stan because I always make a profit selling Chewing Gum