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11-23-2000, 07:54 PM
I am stuck on Monkey Island 4, i need to know all the combinations for monkey knombat ?

Guybrush UK
11-23-2000, 08:09 PM
we cant help you that way... they are different everytime you start a new game...

the thing u can do is write down all the combinations from one stance to another (e.g. GG<->DM) & also what stance loses to 2 others... once you get that done it all of a sudden becomes a WHOLE LOT easier...

heres a table to get you started


its still one of the most badly thought out ideas YET!



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11-25-2000, 01:54 AM
Monkey Kombat is one of the *best* puzzles in EMI.

C Shutt
11-25-2000, 06:21 AM
No, it isn't. It's a tedious pain in the as<em></em>s.

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11-25-2000, 12:52 PM
I don't have a problem with Monkey Kombat
in general, but I *do* have a problem with
the final round of Monkey Kombat (no, not
the one where you fight JoJo) -- it seems
to never end. I have a complete set of the
responses, but both my opponent and I seem to
be regenerating much faster than either of us
can deal damage. After almost half an hour
of this, I wanted to see if it was even
possible to end the fight, so I spent
another 10 minutes or so always responding
with `down down down' immediately. I never
saw either health meter go down to even half

Has anyone else seen this problem? Does
anyone know if the patch fixes it? This has
seriously soured the ending of the game...

11-25-2000, 12:59 PM
Uh, it's does that for two reasons.

1) The only way you can die in a Monkey Island game is to stay underwater for more than 10 minutes.

2) To make you figure out another way to beat LeChuck. You know, what did JoJo Jr say? "Monkey See, Monkey Do"

Sage advice. For a monkey.


Rage. What better time than now?

11-25-2000, 01:25 PM
Well, I got it, and thanks, but I think that
any `truth in advertising' clause should
require you to use ``quotes'' around the
word ``beat'' in that message.

I guess that I'll join the people disappointed with the ending. Sigh.