View Full Version : 3 heads are better than 1

11-28-2000, 06:23 PM
how many times do you have to post to get 3 heads.I have posted 71(72 including this one)times and that is more than some of u who already have 3 heads.

Is it working or hasit been disabled or what?


11-28-2000, 09:51 PM
dude, its a time thing, has to be!! i have 225 posts in like a month, and im still one headed, so i think its how long u have been a veteran of the forum...

`..*NewFoundGloryBoy* ..`

I have a theory about ants. I figure that if I step on every ant I see, then eventually by natural selection the ants will evolve to avoid me. It may take a few million years, but I'm patient.

I have a similar theory about voting against the presidential candidates who equally annoy me, but they evolve even more slowly.