View Full Version : Who is the main villian. Lechuck or Ozzie?

Mr X
11-25-2000, 07:53 PM
Who is in charge of the whole thing in EFMI?

Ozzie can possible be as powerful as the almighty evil ghost pirat Lechuck!!

Who is is the leader of the two?

Guybrush UK
11-25-2000, 08:32 PM
Ozzie... LeChuck had a minor part...

LUA Bar... Whats a LUA?

11-29-2000, 04:25 AM
yes, LeChuck took a backside to ozzie. not that he was very menacing. his master scheme wasn't too menacing either. you can sure tell that this was made from the people who did sam and max. the story is weak, and used for a backdrop for the puzzles, and while the puzzles are good and the game is fun, it's just that past monkey island games had compelling stories AND good puzzles. ron gilbert where art tho?

oh and the sam and max comics were better.

Michael Dodson
11-29-2000, 07:20 PM
That was one of the big things that was wrong with EMI. LeChuck SHOULD have been the main villan. Having him working for Mandrill was just stupid, and unrealistic.

Guybrush UK
11-29-2000, 07:28 PM
its that cutscene where Ozzie announces himself as LeChucks boss... BURN that file!!!

LUA Bar... Whats a LUA?