View Full Version : Sordid history of a harbor mistress.

01-05-2001, 02:52 PM
Earlier I made a post in which I suggested that Ottis and the Harbor Mistress have an amourous encounter in the Harbor shack on your 2nd visit to melee island. I went back and played that part of the game and it seemed less obvious what they were doing, and I think I know why. Before you look into the shack (use it actually) you've got to get the whole story about that picture behind the barkeep, from the barkeep, the habor mistress herself, and meathook if I remeber right. Anyway it's fun, a cute little piece of intrigue and I think it makes guybrush more suspiscious when he sees them together. I don't remember either of his exact reactions for either scenario, just that it was fun, and good to see Lucas Arts still includes that level of character detail. a comedy without good characters, that's very sad