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02-20-2001, 02:27 PM
I think that monkey kombat is way too stupid even for this game. This is where I hang it up and Lucas Arts loses a customer.

02-20-2001, 06:28 PM
Me too

02-20-2001, 06:38 PM
well i thought it was a bit cool learnning the moves in stuff but when you figure them all out it is far tooo easy


02-20-2001, 08:05 PM
The rules makes no sense when you first start but if you use the space bar the very moment a monkey kicks and use pen and paper, you can get a quite good idea how it works.

And as Timmy5 says, it's then far tooo easy!

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02-20-2001, 10:55 PM
I never used the space bar to figure out Monkey Kombat..

Although, I started out taking completely useless notes. After getting my butt kicked by two or three monkeys and still not getting much further, I stopped to rethink what Jojo Jr. told me.

After trying to draw a chart to take my notes in, based on what I remembered about what Jojo Jr. said, most of the rules became crystal clear to me.. The only part I hadn't figured out by then was how many monkeys had to be defeated, and that the moves would become randomized in a new game.

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02-20-2001, 11:42 PM
I made a few charts made a few mental notes and I paused alot

02-22-2001, 03:02 PM
Well I'm happy for everyone who figured out this monkey kombat, but I'm still in the dark. And why do I get fouled all the time, what's with that?

02-22-2001, 04:57 PM
There are two basic things that Jojo Jr. tells you...

[list=1] Different combinations of the primal monkey insult will let you transition from one combat pose to another.
There's an order of dominance between the combat poses. Certain poses will always dominate over certain others.

So, that's what you need to figure out.. What the combinations are, and what's the order of dominance. Both can be learned by watching the monkeys as you try to fight them.

If you want more details regarding the rules of Monkey Kombat, check my posts in this thread (http://www.escapemi.com/forums/Forum10/HTML/000497.html).

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02-22-2001, 06:41 PM
Mortiana- The reason you are probably getting fouled is because the combination you are using for the insult is incorrect.

I spent a lot of time pausing in this Monkey Kombat, too. You have to remember that each move defeats two other moves and each insult combination only switches you between two stances. For instance, in the game I played,
Oop, Eek, Ack switched me between Anxious Ape and Babbling Babboon. It may not be the same combo for you because it changes with different games.

The other thing that I did was copy my opponent. Then he would use the move that defeats his previous stance. I lost a lot of little battles, but once I caught on it was farely simple.

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