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04-27-2001, 09:20 PM
Sharpen your wit and prepare for a piratey chat with Escape from Monkey Island Project Leaders, Sean Clark and Michael Stemmle! Join us at LucasArts.com today, Friday, April 27th at 6:00pm (PST). The chat room will open at 5:00pm (PST), so stop by early to share stories of plunder and intrigue with other Monkey Island fans.

04-27-2001, 11:18 PM
Argh! I can't sign in! It shows me a bunch of server errors...

<font face="Times New Roman"><h1>500 Servlet Exception</h1></font><font size="3"><code>LOCAL EXCEPTION STACK:
EXCEPTION [TOPLINK-4002] (v2.5.1.7 Patch September 29 2000 JDK1.2): TOPLink.Public.Exceptions.DatabaseException
EXCEPTION DESCRIPTION: java.sql.SQLException: [DUSTBUSTER]SELECT permission denied on object 'DOMAINS', database 'MyStarWars', owner 'mystarwars'.
INTERNAL EXCEPTION: java.sql.SQLException: [DUSTBUSTER]SELECT permission denied on object 'DOMAINS', database 'MyStarWars', owner 'mystarwars'.
at TOPLink.Public.Exceptions.DatabaseException.sqlExc eption(DatabaseException.java:198)</code></font>

etc.... Looks like your database is locked or something...

Are you kidding? Nothing can go wrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrong.

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