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GA zaarinn
09-23-2001, 10:50 PM
i wonder how the multiplayer is gonna work. such as character selection if there is gonna be lightsaber colors to choose from and the force power screen then what levels u could choose from. maybe they will have bespin, jedi academy, the inside of a star destroyer, nar shadda. and those levels that r in there u could explore the whole setup like bespin if they would include the carbon chamber and all the other spots that u seen in the empire strikes back, jedi academy the war room the hangar training rooms master skywalker's quarters student quarters the mess hall and if there is a weaponry room (like where they keep the lightsabers and lightsaber parts.) as for the star destroyer the bridge any of the turbolsaer rooms the engine rooms, and for nar shadda some scenes from the first and second levels of jedi knight.