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Nar Cranor
11-18-2001, 04:50 AM
Alright, from what Ive read, JK2 takes place 11 years later or something like that. This puts it in the midst of the era when the empire was controlled by Paelleon, and fairly remote in its corner of the galaxy. Stormtroopers still seem to be the primary enemy though. My concern here is will the dev team be paying enough attention to these timeline concerns, to make sure that JK2 doesnt become a major continuity problem. JK is considered canon as its referenced numerous times in the esential chronology. Im just hoping the Dev team will be putting the time into creating a storyline that reflects how crumbled the empire is at that point, and show us many of the newer enemies, like the vong (All the NJO books) I just really dont want to see a game where its another dark jedi with more dark side apprentices that happen to come into control of a large imperial remnant. I really think the LA guys can do something better, and craft a more interesting story. Id love to see the vong, and Id love to see a lot of force users make guest appearances in the game that we are familiar with. especially at the scene where he goes to Yavin to pick up his lightsaber. Id love to see jacen, jaina, corran horn, kam solusar, tionne, etc etc etc. Lots of great characters there to make appearances, and I bet people would love to have the skins for MP modes. anyway, my real question is just what the overlying oppostion plot is for JK2, and looking for assurance that its going to fit into star wars continuity.

11-18-2001, 08:47 AM
The Vong come 23-25 years after the battle of Yavin.

11-18-2001, 09:31 AM
They dont always keep to the main storyline. JK was set in the main Star Wars Universe and there were references, but it never fitted in directly. I think thats best because they are able to do more with the storyline without having to worry too much about the main Star Wars Universe :D

Seryl Cann
11-18-2001, 10:47 AM
It's a big galaxy. A lot can happen and hardly anyone will ever hear about it, even large things.

11-18-2001, 12:19 PM
Welcome to the forums, NarCranor and DR_Rendar! Hope you enjoy your stay. :D

According to an earlier chat, JK2 is set approximately 13-14 years after the Battle of Yavin. Here's a bit of the timeline to put it in context...

4 years after...

Jedi Knight (game)

10 years after...

Mysteries Of The Sith (JK expansion)

11 years after...

Jedi Academy Trilogy (Jedi Search, Dark Apprentice, Champions Of The Force)
I, Jedi

12-13 yrs after...

Children Of The Jedi
Planet Of Twilight

14 years after

The Crystal Star (ugh...probably the worst EU novel, IMHO)

16-17 years after...

The Black Fleet Crisis
The New Rebellion

(Source: EU timeline in Behind The Magic CD)

And yes...the Vong appear about 25 years after ANH, so I wouldn't expect to see them at all in JK2.

Reference to some events at the time would be good (I liked the way Dark Forces tied in with some key events in the movies).

Other than that, I'm not too worried about the story, although I hope it has some depth, and the characters are not just generic cardboard cut-outs. I'm not so worried about Dark Jedi and Imperial remnants, as long as it's exciting, and the gameplay is great. ;)

Nar Cranor
11-19-2001, 06:07 PM
actually, the vong were in the galaxy LONG before the main invasion. Anyone read rogue planet? with young anikan? the vong are in there. How about crimson empire II? With nom amors first appearance. Sorry friends, the vong are very much around during this time period. But my real primary concern was the portrayal of the empire as the primary enemy, when during that time period, it was mostly consolidating its power internally in its corner of the galaxy. The game is star wars, its tied very tightly to continuity. The valley of the jedi/jedi sith war deal is a major part of star wars history. thats where bane started the new sith. I consider the games important, and would really like to see them fit with the rest of continuity. Hence my concern about all the stormtroopers.

11-19-2001, 07:02 PM
NarCranor...I stand corrected. I believe those novels etc. were published after the CD was released, though, so that timeline is a bit out of date. ;)

But how can you say if the Empire is going to be the primary enemy in JK2? Just because we've seen what is obviously an Imperial installation with lots of Stormies in the screenshots doesn't necessarily mean they are the main block of enemies to be defeated. Personally, I'd prefer if they were not...but we'll only know when the game arrives. ;)

11-20-2001, 07:11 AM
I remember hearing off Star Wars.com that a dark Jedi was going to use a technology to harnness the Force. I think that is the main idea for JK2.

Nar Cranor
11-24-2001, 10:04 AM
Well, I never said that the empire WAS the primary enemy, I simply said I was concerned that it might be, as I don't think it ought to be.

11-24-2001, 12:57 PM
They said that there'll be a LOT of new enemies. I wonder if they'll have the Royal Guard Trooper, you know...the one from Shadows of the Empire game in Imperial City. My friend wanted an ATMT...an All Terrain Mountain Transport. I wouldn't mind an ATPT. I wouldn't mind Yuzhang Vong either, but how would they know what they look like? I'd want enemies that use the scope on you, like the Officers maybe using the scope to snipe you out taking more damage. That would be cool.

Oh, and Grand Admiral Thrawn ruled the Galaxy then. Paeleon was just Thrawn's aide. It wasn't about 2-5 years later that Admiral Daala ruled it, and then another year or so, she teamed up with Paeleon. I recently got the Star by Star novel, where Anakin and Borsk Fey'lya died :eek:, and Coruscant falls, and Mara's child, Ben Skywalker, had two kidnapping attempts, Jaina went to the dark side temporarily, and Jacen got captured.

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C Shutt
11-24-2001, 12:57 PM
Well who else would it be? If they're going to make a game with the Star Wars license, they should make a Star Wars game, and that means the Empire as the enemies, not some generic aliens which have nothing to do with the actual movies.

11-24-2001, 04:12 PM

I really wish you had put a spoiler warning on your post. I haven't gotten star by star yet, and didn't know any of that. I really don't appreciate the fact that you put that information in there. It wasn't necessary. Please use a spoiler warning next time!

General Theros

Millions o' Monkeys
11-24-2001, 08:35 PM
has anything come up along the way about coruscant being brought into the game...I forgot the name of the gaurds...the black ones with large energy weapons