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11-21-2001, 05:12 PM
It would be cool if in multi player modes, or whatever you could desogn your own sabers on the screen before the versus game began, with various statistics which are changed depending on the parts you use. This may not be good for jedi knight but if done in another game could be quite interesting. D ont take much notice of me im always thinking up ideas for star wars games.

11-22-2001, 03:05 AM
Hello haven't seen you before but welcome.

Anyway I think it would be good for Jedi Knight because in the old one you got to choose your color but not the stats and that was fine. I don't see why it wouldn't work if say they made it so that you could put "Saber Stars" on certain saber stats like the "Force Power Stars" that you put on Force Powers so it would have balance.

Some of the choices that you could have to choose from would be:

-weight (the more stars = less weight + more agilty)
-power (more stars = greater damage)
-color (this wouldn't require stars)

so on and excetera tell what you think.

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11-22-2001, 03:32 PM
Remember a lgihtsaber isn't a solid so it's already quite light even thoguh in real ife the actors have to carry around weights they say...

11-22-2001, 05:27 PM
Yea, id like to see personal styles, colours, designs etc. With the new graphics it would be clear to see each others sabers. Maybe even different lengths of blades etc...

11-22-2001, 06:03 PM
I was thinking along those lines but more to:
power cell.
ignition speed.
crystal alignment.
And basically youd choose parts of the lightsaber which changed the stats like on podracer, except you dont have to pay, hey i just had an even better idea! you have to find jedi homes and relics with books on building and parts and so on to improve your lightsaber.

11-22-2001, 06:06 PM
A lightsaber isnt a solid no, but the handle obiously ways somthing which could be a stat, and the the jedi could earn force stats like in jedi knight, but which also contribute to stamina, strength and so on, it would be the ultimate jedi game!

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11-22-2001, 08:01 PM
I think every1 prefers it when if you've just posted to go back and edit your previous post.....otherwise you'll have people like gonk,wardz and matt onto you about it....and thats much much worse than me telling you :)

11-22-2001, 08:05 PM
I don't think matt, just wardz and gonk

11-23-2001, 03:13 AM
That is what I ment by weight was the weight of the handle.

I like your second idea better jedi-of the-force. Maybe you would start out with a heavy slow igniting saber and find upgrades around the map.

11-23-2001, 06:40 PM
Yeah i thought thats what you ment, wasnt quite sure though. But this would be such a cool game.

Millions o' Monkeys
11-24-2001, 06:14 AM
i somehow doubt that would work in outcast.
i mean sure its a great idea but if you have to waste your time alligning crystals before a game...its going to get annoying

Khan Aidan Hall
11-24-2001, 08:42 AM
What can you change? You take a handle, press a button, and a blade comes out. What more is there?

11-26-2001, 05:25 PM
Yeah i know it wouldnt fit into a jedi knight game, and their is actually alot you can do with the stats of a lightsaber. But it was just a bit of imagination thats all, dont take it to seriously.