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10-02-2001, 04:37 PM
I reckon that Lucasarts and Raven should have a force power that allows Kyle to experience bullet time like in Max Payne. In the book Shadows of the Empire it said that Luke Skywalker was able to perceive things slower when fighting a robot. This sort of thing would be really useful against Dark Jedi who are really quick and accurate. What do you think?

10-02-2001, 06:54 PM
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FYI, bullet time was discussed quite extensively in this thread (http://www.jediknightii.net/cgi-bin/forum/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=10&t=000529).

Feel free to add your comments there. ;-)

10-07-2001, 08:00 PM
Yeah, if you want "bullet time" like powers, chances are, you'll want to check out Obi-Wan for the Xbox. But keep in mind it is single player ONLY, whereas JK2 has mp balance to worry about, making it perhaps problematic to implement. For further comments, see the above linked thread (thanks for posting it!).