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11-28-2001, 11:08 PM
I am new to this forum, and hasn't been keeping up with the JK II bits until now, so I'm going to ask a number of questions concerning the game itself, I hope all you wise ones will help me on this. Thx. :)

1) Has there been anything said about the possibility of officially supported double-sided lightsabers existed in many of the mods in JK?

2) Has the develope team ever mentioned that they will do any kind of "role-playing" option? Like officially supported "Merc VS Jedi" MP mode, where a player may choose to play as gun-wheilding but no training in jedi art or vise-versa?

3) How will the saber attacks work? Will it be like the original JK, primary, secondary, slash left, right, quick slash? Or more like "Obi-Won" in Xbox where more customizable swing are possible thru the analog stick, or in our case, the mouse? Like if you move your mouse downward while holding attack button you will swing downward?

4) Looking thru the news archive/FAQ I saw Force Heal as one of the force power available, but no "Dark Force Power" mentioned whatsoever. Does that mean there isn't going to be a choice between light and dark in terms of your fighting style in MP?

5) Anyone know if the develope team of JKII ever played SPX-JK v 2.0, a mod for JK? It's got some of the best concepts of saber dueling ever. Force jumpping in the air(a million times better than a jet-pack), a flip/Jump Kick move, extended lightsaber, spinning, etc.(If you have never played it, go d/l it at www.massassi.net) (http://www.massassi.net)) Anyway, those are the features what fans could only dream for, hopefully the dev. team at least knows the existance of the ideas.

6) Is it ever mentioned if the lightsaber will deal damage to anyone who touches your blade at any given moment, like in SPX2.0, or will it be that u can only hurt somebody when you have actively swung the saber, like in JK? (Different scripting, the 1st would set the beam of the lightsaber as a mobile hazzarous "object" similar to lava pits)

7) Not a question but, anyone who is a real JK fan will know that 3rd person is the way to go when using lightsaber. Using 1st person only gets your killed as u get flanked all to easily. ;)

Thanks for your time, have a nice day, or night, or morning.

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11-28-2001, 11:43 PM
Welcome to the forums. *hands ssh83 a welcome gift basket.*

Okay, lets see what I can do.

#1. I dont believe so.

#2. Don't know. I'm not into MP.

#3. So far, they have only said that the saber will be a bit more advanced than JK, without giving too many details.

#4. No choice between dark and light, although dark powers like lightning will go along side light side powers like heal. You will start the game with no powers like in JK.

#5. See #2.

#6. They haven't mentioned anything like that other than that the unused saber will leave red scorch marks on whatever walls it touches.

#7. Well duh. :D Although there are some here who concider it a matter of honor to fight 1st person with the saber. :rolleyes:

You should check out the Jedi Outcast Chat Transcript (http://www.lucasarts.com/exclusive/chat/transcripts/outcast.htm) at lucasarts.com (http://www.lucasarts.com) For once, LEC actually answered good questions for the most part.

So, hope that helps, and again, welcome to the forums.

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11-28-2001, 11:45 PM
Welcome to our little home away from home. :)

2)No. Not yet
3)They said it will be similar to JK, but I'm sure we can expect more moves and combos.
4)In JK2 Kyle will have both Light and Dark at his disposal, it's up to you which ones you use.
5)Most likely. Agreed, they could take some examples from SBX like my favorite, the invaluable Evasion button.
6)Yes, the saber will be FULLY interactive at all times.
7)Agreed, but it's possible it will be better in JK2.

Hope that helped, enjoy your stay. :D

11-29-2001, 12:17 AM
Welcome to the forums, SSH83. *hands over chocolate Jedi medallion* There you go. ;)

Good job, Jediknight_114 and SlowbieOne. :)

Here's my take on a couple of those questions...

3. Apparently, the range of attacks in JK2 is suggested to exceed those available in Heretic II (don't know if you played it, but it has a good range of moves).

6. The lightsaber will interact a great deal more with the environment - if you watch the vid (captured from E3, and available in the downloads (http://www.jediknightii.net/downloads.shtml) section) you will see the saber leaving score marks wherever it touches walls (without having to swing it). I assume the same will be true with in-game characters.

7. I prefer both 1st and 3rd. Each to their own, I say. ;)

You can also try the Unofficial Jedi Outcast FAQ (http://www.jediknightii.net/faq.shtml) for a bit more information. Or the JediKnightii.net site in general. ;) A lot of things have yet to be confirmed, however, so we'll all have to be a bit patient.

11-29-2001, 12:58 AM
Thanks to all for the help. :)

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Welcome to the forums.

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Hi and welcome to our forums. I hope you have an enjoyable stay with our community :D