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06-27-2001, 09:19 AM
Anyone interested in this topic? Well, if you are the person who avoids spoilers, logout. Otherwise, read and enjoy. If anyone wishes to add a spoiler, please feel free to do so.

Now, let's begin. Here's a spoiler about JKII's music concerning the way it is part of the objectives in missions. This is just a rumour, but it could be true :

It says that at the beginning of JKII's first level, there's a Sith theme playing. Does it switch on a few light bulbs? Yeah, a Sith theme usually means there's either a Dark Jedi or a Sith Lord around. That's it, but it makes for some pretty interesting speculation. I leave this information to
your mind and imagination.


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06-28-2001, 07:05 AM
Could this be the Dark Jedi in JK 2 ?
I mean, the Boss Dark Jedi ? A Human ? A Caladorian (in the Star Wars Universe , Humans and Caladorians are genetic "Sprites")?


06-29-2001, 12:58 AM
where did you get that from?

06-29-2001, 01:26 AM
I hope they do the custom star wars music like JK1, its more interesting that way. That way, its the same star wars music, just used in different ways. It would be awesome if they could do something like in No One Lives Forever, where the music changes depending on the situation. That would kick arse!

06-29-2001, 02:43 AM
That's a pick of Mara Jade. Off the trading card. They first had that pic in the Star Wars Insider magazine.

06-29-2001, 05:26 AM
Right. I didn't know THAT was Mara from MotS. She didn't seem to look like that in the game. Anyways, thanks for correcting the error, Windu. :cool:


06-29-2001, 10:42 AM
Rumour has it that an egg embedded in JK II will be a special one:
Max the pshyco bunny is probably going to make his appearance again. But this time he'll be armed and dangerous. Watch out, 'cuz he's possibly either going to have a lightsaber or a concussion rifle.

Also look around dark corners and into the sky on level one. George Lucas' face makes an apearance quite a few times.


06-29-2001, 11:26 AM
This just in:

Rumour has it that one of the Stormtroopers in JK II will have George Lucas' voice !


06-29-2001, 12:02 PM
i sense a disturbance in the force,could it be cause all of this is uhh,you know?,BULL****!!!,comeon..i dont believe it till i see it,and you have so many god damn rumors,that has to tell u some,if not all of it is bs :rolleyes:

06-29-2001, 12:17 PM
Hey, It's not me who's makin' the bloody rumours. I just get random e-mails each day containing the stuff.


06-29-2001, 06:34 PM
I think you should start your own website.

I hope it's still available for you to buy.

I don't speak for everyone, but I think this thread is a waste of space.

06-29-2001, 06:43 PM
Emails? Hahahaaha... That could be anyone who reads this board playing a joke on you lmao.

06-29-2001, 06:52 PM
This just in...

You'll get to play as a Kyle...wearing his pajamas.

That's right, you'll get to play as Kyle wearing silk pajamas covered with pictures of...you'll love this...bunnies and duckies.

As for vehicles, you'll get to ride a mailbox on wheels and for weapons you get to utilize the awesome power of the umbrella.

For health, all med-kit type items are replace with bananas, cause Kyle's a growin boy.

The game will start at a circus, where Bozo the Hobo tries to assassinate him.

Jan has given birth to 23 kids since the last game, so she will only be making a brief appearance in this one.

The final level takes place on the top of the statue of liberty, and you'll be fighting Darth Nader..."You don't know the power of the Green Party!"

How's that for Bull ****!?!?!?

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06-30-2001, 12:30 AM
Wow! Did you send all that info to all gaming sites already?

I also heard that there will be a level where you must take Jan to the hospital so she can give birth to her 24th kid

06-30-2001, 12:36 AM
That was some nice BS hehe.

BTW Force destruction will be available in MP, but it's changed a little. You shoot balls of fire from your arse.

Seryl Cann
06-30-2001, 06:04 AM
No, that's... *puts on a scottish accent* "fireballs from his eyes and bolds of lightning from his arse"