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06-27-2001, 07:59 PM
We'll, although bits and pieces of this topic have been covered, I had a dream about a game and wanted to know everyone elses ideas.( I'm starting to have dreams about video games...ouch) I have read several post on how to improve JKO, how to improve mp games, yadda, yadda, yadda. What I want to know is, if you could create a game today, based on the Jedi Knight concept, what would the game be like, and how would MP games be done? Here is my basic concept, and I would be curious as to all your thoughts on the matter. Just a basic primis will do.

Here is the basic concept for my game:

The concept for Star Wars Galaxies, with the inerface and playabiliy of JK(JKO).( If only they have babies) Although my passion and game is focused around multiplaying, I think this is were JK, for me, held its value. Imagine a progessive system( like EQ, SWG, but less complex)that would allow you as a jedi to become more powerfull and skilled, based on past experiance, time, training, and enimies you defeat, all in a multiplayer format within an enormous online community. Designated servers, multiple planets, but one governed community or "zone". All characters have standard(pre-set)abilites(based on the species of there character, as someone posted before) and it will then be up to them to deterine how powerfull and "elite" a character they will become. Imagine playine JK right now with this ability. This way you would know who the master jedi were and who was just a newb with a clans initials in front there name. Also, this would cut down on players playing with mulitple names, so they can clean there records so to speak. Although the world would be enourmous(EQ) you could have several rooms that could be closed off for private saber or gun games, playing with force or without, or maybe you need some privace to train an aprentice to further your power as a master jedi, etc. Imagine a little bit of monopoly were powerfull clans( empire) could control aspects of the community and own there own bases, etc. The ideas are endless, but based on today's technology, and new concepts behind games, this would be the basic idea for my perfect game!( however, time changes everything)

There..is..annn.othhh..err..sky..walkkk...err"- The last words of Yoda

06-27-2001, 08:11 PM
well I didn't read your post coz it's to long and I just got up. but I once had a dream ware everything was in JK textures, but the dead had nothing to do with JK

06-27-2001, 08:19 PM
a starwars ver. everquest is a good idea, but i sure as hell want Jedi outcast to be a FPSer with skill based on the person, not spending countless hours at the game..

err well i suppose spending countless hours at the game WOULD make a skillful jedi indeed hehe but u get the point.

as for me, I'd like a Space Marine game with boarding operations, planetary invasions, etc.

06-27-2001, 09:26 PM
hahaha Joe!
How was it to live in a 16 bit world??

06-27-2001, 09:35 PM
Not even so much of a sw version of eq,( as this is being acomplished with swg) but a game that plays or interfaces much like JKO will, with the capabilites of interacting and developing your skills like in EQ. Lets face it, although SWG is going to be great, wouldn't it be awesome if the battle capabilites and fight playability was like JKO? Countless hours to develop a character are not a problem, as there are people that have been playing JK for years. Wouldn't it be nice to have a skill based-ranking system that would show your years of hard work and skill??? Just a thought, but immagine the recoginition factor and how much easier it would be to know "who is who". Newbs could log on and search out Master Jedi and seek training, etc....Just a thought....Maybe a full game version like JKO, and then a expansion called JKO-Community addition, like SWG or EQ?? This would give players multiple options for MP games, with one resource providing all options. Imagine playing JK with the ability to travel to differnt planets, seek out dark-jedi, challenge them to a FF, or NF, Saber Duel and then soak up you vicotory by hanging out with buddies from your clan, talking and betting on pod-races.( Sounds like SWG, but again, a little less in-depth, with the graphics and gameplay of JKO...WOW)

The Wanderer
06-27-2001, 10:00 PM
I have two ideal games. one is Thief 3 with good graphics and the same immersivness and gameplay of the previous 2 (here's hoping Ion Storm doesn't drop the ball). my other ideal game is JO with an excelent storyline and a good yet not overly complex lightsaber interface. (lets hope Raven doesn't drop the ball) What can I say, I love the single player.

I don't play multiplayer ever, mostly because lag just drives me nuts and ruins it for me, but I do have an idea for a multiplayer deathmatch type game. It'd be a UT/Q3 type game, only the catch is instead of selecting a model or skin, there'd be a HUGE number of parts to choose from (wheels, lazers, chasis, legs, armor types, electronic components/systems, radars, eyes, hydrolics...) and you'd build and design your own robot. for balance in each weight class you'd only get so much money to buy parts. (all done in your spare time, not during a game seing as it'd take too long) Lighter parts and fancier systems would cost more of course. Something like a lego technic set almost, lol. I imagine a whole LOT of parts/systems and a relatively limited amount of money plus weight restrictions, so just putting all of the "good stuff" in one design could never happen. You could build some robots with no armor, but with a lot of energy system so it'd have strong sheilds and energy based weapons, others could have strong armor and ammo based weapons, some could be geared for spead, some could be built to be smaller and harder to hit, some could just be well balanced. different designs could work well with different maps, and Playing styles would be limited merely by a person's imagination.

06-27-2001, 10:50 PM
My dream game is where I go outside, look at the bright green sky, and sing pretty ballads as the eleven hexogonal presidents promendading down my street. Meanwhile, my sister, the camel, inspects the tiny, little, building inside her pocket, searching for any signs of pizza sauce. All the while, we must be on careful lookout for the giant Snicker's Bar<sup><font size="-3">TM</font></sup>, that snatches up left socks, and turns them into upside-down cakes.

That's my dream game, but I don't know if it sounds very fun ;)

06-27-2001, 11:08 PM
Excellent imagination and concept Wanderer!
Also, in response to deathBolt, wanting the player to determine the ability, this is exactly what I mean, with the emphasis on desiging a system to help define players and there skill level. Meaning, time spent playing will obviously help build skill, your nautural ability will be the deciding factor to your overall status. If a player has only played for a few months and has a higher "learning curve", they will excel and achive a much higher status in a much shorter time! Who knows, you may become a Master in 2 months, we some players may find it takes them 2 years!

06-27-2001, 11:23 PM
I dont remember dreaming in 16 bit, but this is my dream game

A 1st/3rd person game, where you can live a life in the SW universe, you can play FPS missions, space combat simulation missions, or just wander around, you could join the empire, the rebels or freelance, you could get to be an officer and command armies in a RTS like interface
Its like the SW universe made a game, where every character is controled by a real person
I had thaught when they first said that SWG was "the first from a series of products" that it was going to be something like what I wanted, and now the partially confirmed it with the space flying addon.Partially, because It wont be half the complex I want it to be. The addon for galaxies wont be as playing an X-wing game, It wont even be made by Totally Games
Ill keep my hopes up for Galaxies 2 or 3, by that time with VR saber control

06-28-2001, 12:17 AM
Good topic, people. Keep it going. I'm just going to move this to the forum, currently known as Theed Hangar.