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Angry Drunken Ewok
07-10-2001, 05:26 PM
any other wrestling as ****ing jacked about what happened last night on RAW last night?

Boba Rhett
07-10-2001, 06:55 PM
Wow, your really are a angry drunken ewok. :eek: You might wanna go through your sentance and try again.

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07-10-2001, 07:12 PM
Don't watch, don't know, don't care.

07-10-2001, 07:51 PM
What happened?

07-11-2001, 01:13 AM

07-11-2001, 08:05 PM
What happened???

07-11-2001, 08:52 PM
Wrestling is fake! get over it! Does anyone wanna tell him santa doesn't exist either?

Get yourself a proper sport, like football, (english that is) or even better learn a martial art. That seriously kicks ass.


07-11-2001, 11:08 PM
Now I'm not a huge fan of wrestling anymore, but I used to watch it when I was 13 and 14. It's a bit more real than you think.

Granted, punches, kicks, storylines, miscellaneuous other things, and the characters are very fake. And all wrestling fans know this... if they don't, I truly feel sorry for them.

But there are real injuries in the WWF, WCW, and ECW. The ring, for one, is certainly not padded, contrary to popular belief. Do they give? Hell yes. If they didn't, there would be so many more injuries it wouldn't be funny. But that ring still hurts like hell, I'm sure. Go to your room, get on the bed, and jump off, doing a belly flop onto the carpet (this is probably a good simulation of what it will feel like to jump off the top rope onto the ring). Tell me that wrestling is fake. Try taking a powerbomb through a table or onto a ladder onto your back, and then tell me that wrestling is fake. Try falling 15 feet from your roof onto some boxes below, and then tell me wrestling is fake.

Like I said before, I'm not a wrestling fan anymore. But I do respect the performers in the industry. They go out there 3-4 nights a week and risk their lives to entertain some stupid kids. The most popular guys like "Stone Cold Steve Austin" probably make a about as much a year as Tom Cruise makes for one of his movies (movies are "fake" if you don't realize that), and Austin does a lot more physical work in one match than Cruise will do in the entire M:I2 movie.

You don't have to like what they do or anything, but you should still respect it, as I do.

07-12-2001, 12:06 AM
I challenge anyone to read "Have a Nice Day" by Mick Foley, then tell me wrestling s**ks...
BTW...for the most part...these guys work 300 days a year, on the road, and only make in the low 6 figures a year(granted, people like SCSA and The Rock are pushing mid 7 figures)and they work injured...compare that to football's 17 week schedule, where the players make millions a year, and take 3 weeks off for a hangnail!!!

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Angry Drunken Ewok
07-12-2001, 03:45 AM
digl......what happened was ecw reformed and alligned with wcw in the invasion to take over the wwf

Boba Rhett
07-12-2001, 04:44 AM
And we should care, why?

Darth Simpson
07-12-2001, 03:02 PM
This is a forum where you can talk about anything, so why can't he talk about wrestling? You don't have to care if you don't like it Rhett.