View Full Version : READ if you like episode II

07-17-2001, 11:05 PM
i have a "trailer" of sorts of episode II, if anyone wants it for download, i will put it up temporarily on www.sldr.net, (http://www.sldr.net,) but only if i get a lot of responses for people who want to download it...so what do you think?
and on another note, ill be hittin cali tomorrow in the afternoon, so you guys wont see me again till monday evening...cool eh? :cool:
ok, so gimme some feedback, and ill upload

07-17-2001, 11:48 PM
ah well, i uploaded anyway, some other SLDRs wanted to see it www.sldr.net/ep2trailer.mpg (http://www.sldr.net/ep2trailer.mpg)
heh, enjoy (approx. 8.5 mb)

07-19-2001, 11:32 PM
i watched it and it was sezy :D
but it seemed a bit up to date like anakin was an uptodate teenager or he loooked....but i couldnt stop laughing at all the men running with the sabers and that one girl with the saber OMG hot phew :eek:

07-21-2001, 02:05 AM
I like Episode 2. It's my favorite movie.

07-21-2001, 11:42 PM
I liked it, it was well put together.

07-22-2001, 10:33 AM
I liked the hot girl with the lightsabre. Nice trailer. Im looking forward to the official one.

07-22-2001, 01:23 PM
nearly any woman with a lightsaber has gotta have something going for them, maybe they use force-beautify or something. of course, there are few ugly women in movies/in SW!