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07-18-2001, 07:59 AM
Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him ?*! :eek: :D
Enjoy ...

07-18-2001, 08:26 AM
people who watch star trek are more foolish then any fool or fool who follows a fool

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07-18-2001, 08:47 AM
:eek: LoL :D

07-18-2001, 10:33 AM
i say the fool. he got us into this whole mess

07-18-2001, 02:49 PM
or the fool who put it in the wrong forum...

Boba Rhett
07-18-2001, 07:00 PM
I'd say the fool who follows him because at least the first fool has leadership abilities! :D

07-18-2001, 10:25 PM
Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him ?*!

How about the fool that posts this in a buncha differnt forums?

07-18-2001, 10:30 PM

Tell me that my eyes are wrong and that is NOT your sig. It must be cause its 00:30!

When i next look that will be normal again... its all a dream..


07-18-2001, 10:35 PM
Anyone who follows a fool must be more foolish then the fool, or something like that.

07-19-2001, 05:36 AM
not necessarily, because the first fool could look SO foolish that its actually interpretted as an act by the second fool, thinking the first fool isnt a fool. this makes the first fool a big fool, and the second fool a fool who is able to see more to things than what is displayed.

07-19-2001, 11:39 PM
wardz, have you stumbled onto SSJ7Viper3k's sig yet? be warned, your gonna blow a blood vessel, have a stroke, or something really bad....