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07-21-2001, 04:12 PM
So you venture in here wondering what this challenge is. Very well I will inform you. I happened to be watching late night T.V and there was a late night movie on. The movie in question is Blind Fury and (for those who dont know it, or perhaps that should read for everyone reading this post) it's stars Rutger Hauer. Having been in many movies you may remember him as Roy Batty (the main replicant) from Ridley Scott's Blade runner.

On to the challenge. In this movie he portrays a blind man (bet you would never have guessed) who is brilliant with a samurai sword, your task should you choose to accept it is to watch the movie (yes I am evil, actually it isnt that bad) or just fast forward to the bit I will refer to rather ambiguously if your a cheat. This will require you to actually find it in a video shop and thus I realise few are up to this strenuous exertion of energy.

Those who do will come across a part near the end where rutger has just killed a japanese samuria. Then the big henchman guy comes in with a gun, a bullet fired and a missed catch later rutger grabs the dead japanese's sword and rushes at the man with all his force. Watch closely at this point because this is the Star wars (specifically TPM) related bit (you didnt even know it was did you). Now if you watch and see what I'm talking about I'm sure you'll relise why I utter the next sentance.


Keep in mind this movie was made all the way back in 1990.

07-22-2001, 03:11 PM
I've seen that movie many times. Now that I think about it, that scene is exactly like TPM. I'm not sure i believe GL ripped that off though. GL wrote story of Star wars (all 9 episodes) before the release of ANH.

07-22-2001, 03:31 PM
Very well said ToRMeNt, and I really should have clarified myself with that statement. I didnt exactly mean that GL ripped of Blind fury, I just mean that the idea was done almost ten years ago and when you realise this TPM scene does lose some of it creativity and originality.

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The Wanderer
07-22-2001, 09:46 PM
Blind Fury is my absolute FAVORITE low-budget action movie of ALL TIME. I like it more than a lot of High budget action movies. (there are so many cool characters in that flick)

WD... Blind Fury did it first. Although I honesly don't think Episode one was ripping it off. One of my friends is the manager of a nearby movie theater (Marcus theaters if you must know) and her and one of my other friends got in to see Episode 1 a good month before it was released to the public (I didn't work at the theater, and she could only get one other person in anyway). Anyway, long story short, in that cut of the film Darth Maul DID NOT get cut in two. he was merely slashed and fell to his death. Look into this if you must, I'm not lying (I might be an @$$hole, but I'm NOT a liar) Supposedly GL changed it so that Darth Maul split into two pieces because too many people thought Maul could have survived.