View Full Version : List Of Scenarios & Campaigns Currently In The Making

12-06-2001, 10:47 AM
:fett: Here is a list of scenarios & campaigns currently in the making.

Tantive IV Assault - scenario
Tatooine Occupation - campaign
Rescue The Princess - campaign
After The Battle Of Yavin - scenario
Battle Of Hoth - campaign
Cloud City Occupation - scenario
Battle Of Endor - scenario
Battle Of Coruscant 1 - campaign
Battle Of Coruscant 2 - campaign
Kessel Rescue - scenario
Battle Of Mon Calamari - scenario
The Clone Wars - campaign
Battle Of Naboo - campaign
Leaving Tatooine - scenario
Corellia Rescue - scenario
Naboo Occupation - campaign
The Dark Trooper Project - campaign
Battle Of Ord Mantell - campaign
Battle of Nar Shaddaa - scenario
Battle Of Myrkr - scenario
Battle Of Yavin - scenario
Battle Of Kashyyyk - campaign
Battle Of Ralltiir - scenario
The Bounty Hunter Wars - scenario