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1st TunaMurray
12-06-2001, 04:33 PM
well It appears that someone came onto one of these forums a long time ago and pretended to be me and even used my old sig. how flattering ;) but now I cant use my old name, TunaMurray. Is there any way you can just delete or change the other one, who has only 8 posts and doesnít even use it anymore?

12-06-2001, 06:11 PM
Um yeah, I think the person pretending to be you was you. You're from the EscapeMI forums right? That means that you have a pre-existing account at LF.com, as all the accounts were imported and merged.

12-07-2001, 04:07 PM
Haha -I figured out who stole my name :) but now Iím wondering if this one can be deleted so I can use my normal E-mail address and keep my posts.