View Full Version : Clan AU representation: Why you should consider WC_heavyarms for the Senate.

10-25-2001, 02:07 PM
I am posting this to let you know that WC_heavyarms will have my support as a Senator representing clan AU.

My 'credentials', so to speak:

I lead clan AU (18 members but growing rapidly) and am an expert player of SWGB.

WC_heavyarms can use clan AU's website (under construction) for GB.com & Senate related activities.

I am a cherub at AOKH and run AOKH's ladder which is one of AOK's largest and most popular ladders. I will be setting up a similiar one for SWGB (in the longer term) which may be of relevence to WC_heavyarms Senate activities (or not - not too sure what your full intentions of this senate are).

WC_heavyarms can use clan AU's website & contacts to organise and run tourney's (with my help if need be).

Disclaimer: WC_heavyarms currently has my full support and will likely continue to have it. However, he is a newer member and I do not yet know him or his capabilities very well. If this GB.com Senate is active and useful for SWGB and WC_heavyarms has difficulties here, clan AU will send someone else to run for Senate and represent our interests.

You should strongly consider WC_heavyarms for the Senate if you want clan AU's considerable support for SWGB related activities. Good luck WC_heavyarms.