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12-07-2001, 12:24 PM
Anyone know where I can download a list of HotKeys?

12-07-2001, 02:58 PM
Keyboard Commands
Unit Commands:
Attack Ground T
Convert C
Defensive Buildings N
Delete Unit DEL
Economic Buildings B
Garrison G
Heal Y
Military Buildings V
Pack P
Repair R
Set Gather Point I
Stop S
Unload L
Unpack U

Game Commands:
Alliance ALT+D
Chat Dialog ALT+T
Display Game Time F11
Display Statistics F4
Display Technology Tree F2
Flare ALT+F
Go to Airbase CTRL+A
Go to Animal Nursery CTRL+B
Go to Carbon Processing Center CTRL+C
Go to Command Center H
Go to Command Center Extra Mouse Button 1
Go to Food Processing Center CTRL+F
Go to Fortress CTRL+D
Go to Heavy Weapons Factory CTRL+H
Go to Jedi Temple CTRL+J
Go to Last Notification HOME
Go to Mech Factory CTRL+M
Go to Next Idle Military Unit ,
Go to Next Idle Military Unit Player may set this key
Go to Next Idle Worker .
Go to Next Idle Worker Player may set this key
Go to Next Resource Building /
Go to Next Resource Building Extra Mouse Button 2
Go to Nova Processing Center CTRL+N
Go to Ore Processing Center CTRL+O
Go to Research Center CTRL+R
Go to Selected Object SPACE
Go to Shipyard CTRL+Y
Go to Spaceport CTRL+S
Go to Troop Center CTRL+T
Go to Turret CTRL+V
Go to War Center CTRL+W
Jump to Gather Point BACKSPACE
Jump to Gather Point J
Mini-Map Combat Mode ALT+C
Mini-Map Economic Mode ALT+R
Mini-Map Normal Mode ALT+N
Objectives ALT+O
Return to Previous View BACKSPACE
Options F10
Pause Game F3
Review Chat Message Backward PAGE UP
Review Chat Message Forward PAGE DOWN
Save Chapter F9
Save Game F12
Send Chat Message ENTER
Slow Down Game NUM -
Speed Up Game NUM +
Toggle Friend or Foe Colors ALT+G
Toggle Mini-Map Terrain Alt-M

Scroll Commands: Down
Scroll Down Left
Scroll Left Right
Scroll Right Up
Scroll Up

Airbase X
Animal Nursery R
Aqua Harvester G
Carbon Processing Center S
Command Center V
Farm E
Food Processing Center W
Fortress V
Gate D
Heavy Weapons Factory Z
Jedi Temple S
Lt. Wall A
Mech Factory A
Missile Turret E
Monument T
More Buildings B
Nova Processing Center F
Ore Processing Center D
Power Core A
Prefab Shelter Q
Research Center C
Sentry Post Q
Shield Generator Z
Shipyard W
Spaceport Z
Troop Center Q
Turret W
Wall S
War Center X

Fighter A
Bomber S
Transport D

Command Center:
Activate Alert Beacon B
Go Back to Work W
Worker A
Medic S
Probot D

Food Processing Center:
Queue Farm F

Anti-Air Destroyer (Heavy) D
Cruiser (Advanced) F
Destroyer (Heavy) S
Frigate (Light, Advanced) A
Transport (Armored) W
Utility Trawler Q

Troop Center:
Anti-Air Trooper (Heavy) S
Grenade Trooper F
Mounted Trooper (Heavy, Advanced) D
Trooper (Recruit, Heavy, Repeater) A

Mech Factory:
Assault Mech. (Heavy, Advanced) F
Mech. Destroyer (Heavy, Advanced) D
Scout (Advanced) A
Strike Mech. (Heavy) S

Heavy Weapons Factory:
Anti-Air Mobile (Heavy) D
Artillery (Heavy, Advanced) S
Energy Ram (Heavy, Shielded) A

Jedi/Sith Temple:
Padawan/Knight S
Master A

Cargo Ship F

Military Units:
Aggressive A
Box W
Defensive D
Flank F
Follow Y
Guard X
Line Q
No Attack O
Patrol Z
Staggered I
Stand Ground M

Bounty Hunter F
Cannon S
Unique Unit A

Chat Commands:
Chat to Team ; (Semicolon)
Chat to Enemies ! (Exclamation Point)
Chat to Everyone * (Asterisk)

Supreme Warlord
12-07-2001, 03:45 PM
Dang Kudar!!! COuld you tell me what is your job and how much you get paid... I have a suspicion that you work for the forum and you get paid a bunch....;)

Boba Rhett
12-07-2001, 03:50 PM
Lol. nobody gets paid to work here and I doubt Kudar wants to give out that information. :)

12-07-2001, 03:52 PM
lol, no I don't get paid for the forum :D

but as for my job, I'm in IT Support, that's all I'm giving away incase you stalk me ;)

Supreme Warlord
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Now why would I want to stalk a GUY!? ;) I LOVE WOMEN!!!!:p I am a teenager boy about to enter his adulthood and i love women. Right now I am looking for my true love. DONT MAKE FUN OF ME!!!!!:D