View Full Version : I see...a city in the clouds...

Bruck Chun
12-07-2001, 10:55 PM
Well, ive been playing JK ever since its came out, and I have saw many things...Many people.

Basically im here to premote my JK:2 clan. The Old Republic.

We all have heard of the "Old Republic" and/or read about it in books.
We all can imagine a place where jedi knight's live and strive to make the connection.
Many people think of the republic as forbidden, a place, never described in Detail.
The fact is they never will find out, until they listen.

The republic, I invision is to be a place where people can gather around to joke, to have fun, and to be serious in times when they are needed to be. Ive found that disipline,skill, and activeness, are all features of a great clan.

Our website is currently being worked on. Its not a small project, but lets just say this is a taste of things to come...


Basic rules of the republic.
-> If JK: 2 is based on force powers such as JK is, We are a light-side, non hacking clan.
->You must have a good attitude.
->Code, follow you will.

I cant say that much more about my dream, except the fact my zone name is O_BruckChun. Take a look into the republic in jk:2. Thanks for your time.

12-07-2001, 11:02 PM
well, this is one clan i am defently interested in, i might check it out, but the fact that i am not that i dont play online a whole lot has usually kept me un-associated...