View Full Version : What happens when Saber One and Redwing don't see eye-to-eye.

12-08-2001, 02:30 PM
SaberoneDC: didja read my ppst?
RedwingGreen7: yes
SaberoneDC: hehe
RedwingGreen7: I know exactly what to say
RedwingGreen7: :-D
SaberoneDC: greeeeat,
SaberoneDC: dude
SaberoneDC: i posted in break
SaberoneDC: hehe
SaberoneDC: figured you could use a little bit of trouble.
RedwingGreen7: posted
RedwingGreen7: :-D
RedwingGreen7: in Duel
SaberoneDC: k
SaberoneDC: ha!
SaberoneDC: you fell for it.
SaberoneDC: hahahh!
RedwingGreen7: uh huh
SaberoneDC: just like rioet
SaberoneDC: hahaha!
RedwingGreen7: fell for what
RedwingGreen7: :-P
SaberoneDC: hehehehe
RedwingGreen7: *someone's making up stuff as they go along*
RedwingGreen7: hehehehehehe
SaberoneDC: noo
SaberoneDC: here
SaberoneDC: let me show you..
RedwingGreen7: ok
RedwingGreen7: lol
SaberoneDC: but first you have to primse you won;t change your post
RedwingGreen7: of course not
SaberoneDC: ok
RedwingGreen7: *rolls eyes*
SaberoneDC: hold on while i get it...
SaberoneDC: But soon Kioet begins to slow, he is growing tired. The young man is no match for a 2000 year old Dark Jedi. Kioet slashes toward Kreas left flank- and slices thin air. Krea has disapeared. Kioet, stops. He senses nothing in room. Nothing on the whole planet. Not a single sign of Krea. Kioet deactivates his saber. he turns around and looks at his fallen master. SUddenly he activates his saber and spins around to reflect a blow from nowhere- Krea is still here. but he cannot sense him!
SaberoneDC: this is from Areana of the Dark Jedi
SaberoneDC: i told you to read it again...
SaberoneDC: hhahahha
RedwingGreen7: ....?
RedwingGreen7: I don't get it
RedwingGreen7: I didn't follow you
RedwingGreen7: and I can counter persuasion
SaberoneDC: its not persuasion.
SaberoneDC: thats light side ablity
RedwingGreen7: u listed your powers
RedwingGreen7: LOL it's NOT
SaberoneDC: oh
SaberoneDC: well
SaberoneDC: thats not what Krea used
RedwingGreen7: *remembers S1 never played MotS*
RedwingGreen7: lol
RedwingGreen7: u can't use powers u didn't list
RedwingGreen7: member?
SaberoneDC: hold on...
SaberoneDC: lemme find it...
RedwingGreen7: *forgets what powers u listed*
RedwingGreen7: ehehehe
RedwingGreen7: wait I have it written down
RedwingGreen7: in Notepad
SaberoneDC: Force pull (in effective against main chars), Force Grip, Force Invisiblity, Force Speed, Force transposition

SaberoneDC: Force invisiblity
SaberoneDC: Not force translucency
SaberoneDC: which i used in Break
SaberoneDC: which is phsyical invisiblity
SaberoneDC: this is force invisiblity
SaberoneDC: my favorite force power.
RedwingGreen7: replied in Breakout
SaberoneDC: k
RedwingGreen7: ok....
RedwingGreen7: explain it
RedwingGreen7: lol
SaberoneDC: what?
SaberoneDC: my ability to become force invisible?
RedwingGreen7: ya
RedwingGreen7: what does it DO
SaberoneDC: It makes me apear as a normal person to those who can sense force. it takes all my force, and shunts it into a nuetral state.
SaberoneDC: Its an ancient tecnique
SaberoneDC: long lost over the ages
SaberoneDC: blah blah blah
SaberoneDC: And yea, i checked it out
SaberoneDC: it does exist
RedwingGreen7: so I won't sense u thru the Force
SaberoneDC: right
RedwingGreen7: but u can't use the Force
SaberoneDC: not while force invisible, no.
RedwingGreen7: since it's in a neutral state
SaberoneDC: right
RedwingGreen7: so...I can still see you
SaberoneDC: ok
SaberoneDC: let me explain
SaberoneDC: becoming force invisble is a short thing
SaberoneDC: i can only do it for a small amount of time
RedwingGreen7: so...*confused* why does this help you again?
SaberoneDC: ok
SaberoneDC: lets say you sensing me
SaberoneDC: then all of the sudden i shut down my force
SaberoneDC: you get confused
SaberoneDC: and you have to look again
SaberoneDC: and while you do that
RedwingGreen7: you're off planet
RedwingGreen7: ??
SaberoneDC: no..
RedwingGreen7: and I'm not chasing you
SaberoneDC: ok
SaberoneDC: if you were a dog
SaberoneDC: and i were a sock
SaberoneDC: you could follow my scent
SaberoneDC: but if i changed my scent from smelly to none
RedwingGreen7: yes
SaberoneDC: you could not find me except by sight
SaberoneDC: the only hitch is
SaberoneDC: i can only stay force invisble for a little bit
SaberoneDC: like 3 minutes
SaberoneDC: before my force goes back to normal
RedwingGreen7: soooooooooo
RedwingGreen7: I don't GET it
RedwingGreen7: I'm not chasing you
RedwingGreen7: I didn't follow you
SaberoneDC: im know
SaberoneDC: you ran off
RedwingGreen7: Trying to kill TK
SaberoneDC: and you think that i teleported
RedwingGreen7: you DID
SaberoneDC: nope.
RedwingGreen7: *rolls eyes*
SaberoneDC: i merely went force invisible
SaberoneDC: ok
RedwingGreen7: you didn't edit your post did you?
SaberoneDC: which one?
RedwingGreen7: the last one
SaberoneDC: Krea, without stopping his work, begins speaking to Dan Re telepathicly.

It is time for us to do what we came here for, Darren TueReche.

As abruptly as he began speaking, Krea disapears. All sign of him is gone...

RedwingGreen7: brb a sec
RedwingGreen7: ?!?
RedwingGreen7: u edited
RedwingGreen7: -_-
SaberoneDC: no
SaberoneDC: thats the same one
RedwingGreen7: u described your arena
SaberoneDC: i did nothing to it
SaberoneDC: oh
SaberoneDC: i just copied part of it
SaberoneDC: finaly krea thinks.

Krea, without stopping his work, begins speaking to Dan Re telepathicly.

It is time for us to do what we came here for, Darren TueReche.

As abruptly as he began speaking, Krea disapears. All sign of him is gone...

Inside Kreas Lair, the large monoliths on the walls are symbols of power. Each one represents a soul defeated by Krea T'mRek. Many creatures have stood to the challenge, not one has succeeded. The power that Krea T'mRek weilds is deadly, evil. he has never lost to a foe. Yet one monolith stands blank amongst the rest.
SaberoneDC: thats the whole thing
SaberoneDC: Descibing the areana does not mean i am there
SaberoneDC: duh
RedwingGreen7: oops
RedwingGreen7: LOL
SaberoneDC: hahahhahahaha
SaberoneDC: so thats what the prob is
SaberoneDC: hehe
SaberoneDC: ok
SaberoneDC: welll
RedwingGreen7: but who was I talking to...
RedwingGreen7: lol
SaberoneDC: Krea
SaberoneDC: in a cloud
SaberoneDC: who you couls not see
SaberoneDC: whenh i stopped talking
SaberoneDC: i went force invisible
SaberoneDC: you still could not see me
SaberoneDC: but now you could not sense me either
SaberoneDC: so
SaberoneDC: you thought i was gone
SaberoneDC: thus
SaberoneDC: you chase after Ogken
RedwingGreen7: but I couldn't have thought u ran off to your lair
RedwingGreen7: or sensed u going off planet
RedwingGreen7: erg
RedwingGreen7: lol
SaberoneDC: you didn;t sense me go off the planet
SaberoneDC: just that i disapeared
RedwingGreen7: reread my post
SaberoneDC: change your post to say that i just disapeared
SaberoneDC: i read it
SaberoneDC: you wee mistaken
SaberoneDC: i am still in the cloud
SaberoneDC: and in a few moments
SaberoneDC: you will sense me again
SaberoneDC: cause my force will go back to normal
RedwingGreen7: "*within an instant, Dan-Re traces the Force energy left by Krea off-planet into the unknown regions. Keeping the Force conenction open with his own power, he speaks to Krea.* "
SaberoneDC: right
SaberoneDC: that was because you thought i went to my lair
RedwingGreen7: that's what I should edit?
SaberoneDC: right
RedwingGreen7: no
SaberoneDC: well
SaberoneDC: whatever the case
SaberoneDC: i ams till there
RedwingGreen7: I used the Force to trace your energy
RedwingGreen7: lol
SaberoneDC: so change that too
RedwingGreen7: I'll edit that part
SaberoneDC: ok.
RedwingGreen7: leave the speech
SaberoneDC: right
RedwingGreen7: it still fits
RedwingGreen7: :-D
RedwingGreen7: *we are taking this much too seriously*
RedwingGreen7: but that's the fun of it :-D hehehehehehe
SaberoneDC: this is SO getting posted
SaberoneDC: this whole convo
SaberoneDC: its just to entertaining!

SaberoneDC: hahahhahaha
RedwingGreen7: yup
RedwingGreen7: :-D

12-08-2001, 02:41 PM
LOL!!! that's too funny. hahhaahaha

Commander Cold
12-08-2001, 02:50 PM
Looks like "They're both idiots" is leading by a mile. I say that "Redwing is an idiot" will get two votes. One from TK and from S1DC. "S1DC is an idiot" will get one vote from Redwing. However, the bulk of the members will go with "They're both idiots" and that's my two cents. That reminds me, where did I put those two pennies.

12-08-2001, 02:53 PM

12-08-2001, 02:53 PM
Actually, I said we're both idiots. I'm not delusional. :D

12-08-2001, 02:55 PM
So did i.

Commander Cold
12-08-2001, 03:03 PM
Nuts my predictions were off. Well back to the drawing board. *Pulls out a pencil and starts drawing cartoon characters.*

12-09-2001, 07:54 PM
*of naked ewoks*

12-10-2001, 01:10 AM


12-10-2001, 07:11 AM
Don't look at me, hes the on drawing.

12-10-2001, 09:08 AM
Sorry S1DC but please no more cut and paste of all you AIM (or what ever you use) messages here. Ok?

Lynk Former
12-10-2001, 11:19 AM
Oh... well... I was right... but come on Gunner... everything every1 says in these forums IS utter dribble... Hmmm... the reason people come here is to meet up with other people, joke around and have fun.

Wraith 8
12-10-2001, 02:15 PM
Yeah.. your right Lynk. we just wanna have some fun... and we dont insult anyone or wright bad language... we just have some fun. :D :D

12-10-2001, 05:54 PM
yea, gunner!

I've been posting IM transcripts for as long as i can remeber. I only do it once every 2 weeks or so, unless i have a really funny convo. It part of my routine, and no one has complained yet. what exactly is wrong with them if people respond and have fun?

12-11-2001, 01:39 AM
Well, maybe he's concerned that it'll give excuses to spam, or offend someone by posting a "private" conversation without their approval and/or knowledge.

12-11-2001, 04:56 AM
Redwing hit the nail on the head. Spam is not going to be tolerated. You post AIM messages and then the next 30 or so replys are nothing but...."wow,huh,jesh, that's weird, you guys are nuts, man, dang, stupid" along with your guys remarks mixed inbetween.

And you may have been doing it for awhile but I just wasn't all that intrested but now that things are picking up and the site is redone I'm taking a bigger intrest in the boards again and we needto get back on course.

Take a stroll to any other Lucas board here and come backand tell me how many of them have that posted there.

I'll be here waiting for your reply.

12-11-2001, 09:09 PM
So.. its bad to be original?

and seriously, i only do it every once in a while.