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12-08-2001, 03:41 PM

SCN Punk Newsletter Weekly Quote:

"Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?

The Discussion 2001

storycreator of Tsunami Studios have started a fascinating series of discussion threads at Age of Kings Heaven (http://aok.heavengames.com) which are about various aspects of games and gamers. This week, a new topic is opened, called "What is an appropriate / satisfying level of difficulty? And how can one measure 'difficulty'?"

"An appropriate level of difficulty for any player is one where he has an even chance of winning or losing. Otherwise, what challenge is there? If you make a mistake, it should cost you. If you make a bad mistake, it should cost you dearly. If you play well, you should be able to win, but not too easily...

So, to come back to the initial subject, I don't think there is an appropriate level of difficulty for everyone. And difficulty settings are the way to go. But, as usual this won't work for every game type, like Adventure...it's hard to set a level of difficulty for the puzzles and enigmas...

A balanced game should be a roller-coaster of emotions. One example where a campaign put me on such an emotional roller coaster: The first scenario of Mark Stoker's Nyctophobia..."

- storycreator

You may find the full story here (http://aok.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/aokcgi/display.cgi?action=ct&f=4,26972,1,10)

Lighthouse Creations gets a forum

Quoted from Akavish

"Yep, it's happened. I decided to keep it to one forum with a few links, but I still think it's awesome that Lighthouse Creations (http://www.scnpunk.com/lighthouse), has finally got its own forum (http://forums.heavengames.com/lighthouse/Ultimate.cgi?action=intro). 'Course, that's just my opinion... ;)"

Newspro Help

As you know, SCN Punk (http://scnpunk.com/) is evolving to be SCN Network, and the new organization needs a newspro program just like it has now. So if you know how to set up newspro, please contact us at scnpunk@hotmail.com.


Empire Earth Punk (http://scnpunk.heavengames.com/eepunk) is not looking for more recruits, so please don't apply.

"I will just post now to stop any futher confusion.
EE Punk is not accepting members right now. Unless of course you have EXTREME skill in postions that are hard to find. Such as good HTML skill, graphic pruduction, flash working...or something around those lines.
Keep in mind you must be very good to join in that area..only because I have a few expcrts on this team already that are just plain amazing .

Now that EE is released, the position of scenario designer is up for grabs. However, you better prove your skill to me."

- Shadows

So as you can see, do not apply unless you have the skills mentioned by our webmaster above.

SCN Punk (http://scnpunk.com) recruiting drive in approx. 1 month

The following SCN Punk (http://scnpunk.com) teams will be recruiting new members in about one month:

WarCraft III Punk
Neverwinter Nights Punk

Contacts for these teams will be announced soon.

Neverwinter Nights Punk is looking for more recruits, so please apply.

"Seeing as Neverwinter Nights is in the somewhat distant future, we will be recruiting by invitation only (AMAZING RPG's in EE, SWGB and AoK that get pointed out to me or the makers of Dark Side of the Sword Cost or The Darkest Day, et al). While we will have some need of 3D artists, scripters and map designers, these positionins will remain unfilled, except for the above exceptions, until closer to the release of the game.We will acept a flash maker or two and a graphics person, but we need serious quality, as there will be relatively few graphics on the site, and those that there are are complete (thanks to Silver Omega who is simply amazing). Thank you, and fare thee well until we meet again on the paths of Faerun."

- Dastal

SW Punk (http://scnpunk.com/swpunk) is looking for new people

"Please read this if you are interested in designing(or ai scripting, rmsing, modding....) for Star Wars : Galactic Battleground (http://swgb.heavengames.com).

As you may know, Scn Punk is soon going to launch a new sub-team for SW:GB led by myself and Stan(co-webmaster). With this new team, we will need staff members of course.

So, if you are interested in joining SW Punk and are an active Scn Punk member(in any of the Punk sub-teams or working for Scn Punk), please post here with your ICQ number or your email adress and the position you are applying for :

Graphic artist : we currently don't need any graphics designers
Scenario Designer : for the moment, 10 maximum Random Map Scripter : 1 or 2 maximum
Ai designer : 1

Of course you must be skilled in what you are applying for.


- Enrique Orduno

Answer to Last Week's Question:

The title was still "SCN Punk 1999" instead of "SCN Punk 2000".

Weekly SCN Punk Question:

Who were the original four punks that were set to be cherubs?

Phrohibited to answer: Enrique Orduno, Ex-T, Angel Socrateius, Shadows

Weekly scenario design tip:

Always ensure your map looks attractive in all aspects.

Punk of the Week: The Vampire Slayer

"The Vampire Slayer is a talented scenario designer who has been making scenarios for Age of Kings/The Conquerors since the early summer of 2000 before joining Star Wars Punk. One of his earliest works include the King of Towers series, the most popular of his multi-player scenarios at that time. Some of his other works for AoK include the All Roads Lead to Rome modpack and The Shogun. Now The Vampire Slayer has moved on to Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and has joined the SCN Punk Team."

I fail to see the logic in quotes.

Current position: Scenario Designer at SW Punk (http://scnpunk.com/swpunk)

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Signed: Stan (aka The Conquistador), SCN Punk (http://scnpunk.com) publicist

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