View Full Version : An old trick to new designers

Dagobahn Eagle
12-15-2001, 05:48 PM
Ever wanted to have a cutscene in the middle of a scenario? Here's how to enable cutscenes (player must have one ally)

1. Create a small water area in a hidden-away portion of the map.

2. Put an allied transport at the shore of the shore of the water chips.

3. Place a unit controlled by the player at the shore.

4. Make the following triggers:

Trigger 1:
Task object (Player 1's unit) ==> allied transport

Trigger 2:
When 1 unit is garrisoned in the transport, task the transport away from the shore, to prevent the unit from disembarking.

3. Surround the water area with trees, cliffs, etc.

What you would use thisfor? Let's say you're making an RPG. You have one hero unit, whom you want to stand still at a certain point during the scenario (for example while talking to another unit during a cutscene). Now you can safely turn the unit over to an allied player to prevent the player from moving it during the cutscene (you may want to place a map revealer using a trigger).

If you have AoK, download RPG scenarios like The Shallowed Realms part 2, and you'll see this effect used; Almost all AoK designers use this trick.