View Full Version : New Rpg Scenario!!

12-16-2001, 12:56 AM
I just finished the first beta of my rpg scenario:
RPG Academy.

This scenario has professional quality. ;)

For those who never played AOK RPGs here is a small explanation:

In RPG“s you start as a low level unit (trooper recruit in this case) and without upgrades, you have to kill enemies to become stronger.

In this RPG you start as a new recruit in the rebel academy, you have to listen VERY carefully to what the commander has to say, this beta 1 version is an introduction to the academy, and your first mission is to complete the training (VERY easy btw), then the commander will give you another mission, wich isnt completed, but dont worry, you will know it when its time.

This beta version is just to give you an idea of what is an RPG and let you know what you should expect from future version.

So please give me some opinions and suggestions.

I hope you like it.

BTW next version will probably be finished tomorrow.
EDIT: (I guess not, this takes more time than i tought, since i plan to make a GREAT scenario)

here is the link again