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12-26-1999, 12:25 PM
Just a few thought on what to do with leftover fruitcake...
1. Improve the recipe by leaving out the tablespoon of petrified forest.
2. Leave out the agent orange.
3. Wrap it in cheesecloth for three days, after that time, unwrap it, throw away the cake and eat the cheesecloth.
4. If you turn it on its side and slice it juuusssstt soooo, it makes wonderful brake shoes.
5. Load "FRUITCAKE" as a cheat code in Unreal and the Skaarj run away like a stepped on puppy.
6. Ditto for Half life, but everything runs away, thus rendering the game rather bland.
7. Give it to Moffie, he'll eat anything...Hey, Moffie!...He likes it!
8. Use it as a powerful shield-like spell in some RPG.
9. Have the coroner run an autopsy on it.
10. Send to Mars, wait a few years then go see if it spawned.

Bill the Cat

12-26-1999, 12:56 PM
Weld a chain to that bad boy and us it as an anchor.

Grab some mortar and a trowel and repair any damaged masonry you happen to find.

Put it in the Matter Anti-Matter Disrupter and let the fun begin.

Cut in slices and use them to re-sole your worn out boots.

Soak in kerosene, ignite and use as a molotov cocktail at the next WTO meeting.

Never Pet a Burning Dog.

12-26-1999, 03:07 PM
1: Carve cake into idols and send to countries with different religions.

2: Prop up the corner of the house after an earthquake.

3: Load into shell casings for use as AP rounds at next WTO meeting.

4: Give it to Kasan. She'll eat everything!

5: Soak overnight in cognac and grand marnier. It will be chewy, but mess you up in the head. Cheers!


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