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02-16-2000, 06:52 AM

Inspired by news about "SECRET LEVELS" I earned at least a bronze medal
in all 16 missions and by deserving the bronze plated insignia gained
access to the first secret mission - "Beggar's Canyon", staining a
little deserved the silver plated insignia and passed into the second
secret level - "The Death Star Trench Run". But since then (almost 2
months) I could not earn a gold medal in all 18 missions, already
promoted to Supreme Allied Commander, armed to the teeth with advanced
weapons and able to pilote all available craft - few missions are too
At last yesterday spending half night sitting on player profile files
I found a storage format of data about pilot awards and privileges, not
completely, but enough to misappropriate a gold medal to myself in all
missions except one easy. Then by earning a gold also there enjoyed the
gold plated insignia award reel and at last passed into the third
(seemingly last) secret level - "Battle of Hoth" ! But it was not all -
soon I got the Millenium Falcon and even an imperial TIE-Interceptor!
23th of January, 2000
I decided to write a small Win32 utility - the "Rogue Squadron" player
profile editor and to place it somewhere on Internet, that everyone can
fully enjoy just another outstanding Star Wars game.
It was ready in a week and now is available only HERE and for YOU...

I found this link through "OBSESSION DOWNLOADS", so now applying to you...

Best regards and May the Force be with you !
LukA_YJK from Baku

Thanks to all Star Wars: Rogue Squadron developers team
and very special thanks to George Lucas !

02-18-2000, 12:23 AM
Nice typing.

If only you knew the power of the dark side