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03-19-2000, 02:22 AM
Ike, I have talked with Guilo outside the forums too, and just cause you're some stuck up mod doesn't mean that you knew him better than I did... I was a mod too, pal... It doesn't mean anything when the books close... You'll end up a has-been like the rest of us... But you know that, cause you're an all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful MODERATOR!

I'm sick and tired of your slag, just because you don't like me...

You have a very: "Don't you all love me?
Anyone dare to say 'no'?
I didn't think so..." attitude, and it pisses me off.

My grandfather once told me, "Your enemies will always hound you, if you choose to reside on their territory."

<font size=-2>[*sigh* Sorry, dude. --L.]</font>

So I guess what I'm trying to say is...

Goodbye... I'm leaving here too... I might stop by from time to time, but don't count on it... You can still get a hold of me over at the <a href="http://ral.wyvernweb.com/index.html">RAL Website</a> forums... I have no intentions of abandonning my command.

I've had some good times here... And I'll miss this place... More than I'll ever miss XWA.Net... This is the place where I first met all my now-good friends... It's like leaving home for college...

Well, this post didn't end anything like I started it... Oh well... I like the mood in which I ended it much more than the mood I started it in... Although, both still suck... Well..

Happy trails, to you,
Until we meet again.

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03-19-2000, 02:40 AM
Hm, strange. I seem to recall saying this should be confined to email.
Please don't bring this kind of stuff here. There is no reason for it to be public.