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03-23-2000, 06:36 PM
I am offended at the changing of my topic title, it was very appropriate for a title, your the admin so whatever you say is fine with me though. Since I believe Ike had a hand in this I challenge him to come to the RAL forums, only THEN will the topic title title be inappropriate... Oh yeah, you are are right I don't know Ike personaly but ANYONE who would insult the two highest ranking officers in the RAL will hear from me!. Flight Officer BillyGates

03-23-2000, 07:01 PM
Oh... How silly of me, your banned from the RAL forums..... guess you'll never know....

03-23-2000, 07:10 PM
oh darn

listen, pal, whatever has transpired between Nitro and myself is not your business. You are only making it worse and prohibiting any possible resolution. Kindly take your nose out of my affairs and stick it somewhere else.

And just as Nitro couldn't care less about my rank here, I couldn't care less about his rank as CO of the RAL, which, last I heard, was honorary, if anything, because he wasn't able to play XWA at the time.

If you have a gripe with me, which you shouldn't, because you don't know me and only know what Nitro has told you in his biased viewpoint of the situation, you are free to email me or icq me, as I'm sure you did last night or this morning under an alias. posting stupid stuff on the forums like that is just that: stupid.

So, again, I say butt out. If you have a beef with me, take it up in private. If you continue to harrass me on this forum or by any other means, I will have to resort to stronger measures, even if it means contacting your ISP. <font size=1>

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03-23-2000, 10:15 PM
Not to be in your business Rogue Squadron.net is not the place to write boring stuff about your problems, If he changed your topic...who cares. I think Rogue Squadron.net is about helping others with the game, or just conversation, a conversation about cool stuff. And BillyGates has wasted my time reading some stuff i don't need to know. If you would like to take it out on someone, you should go to a chat room. Sorry Ike if I am in your business...I just thought i should say something, so i hope your cool on this.

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03-23-2000, 10:18 PM
Well there bud, if you dont like a topic dont read it. Its as simple as that.

03-24-2000, 02:50 AM
I guess your right R.A.V.E.N., but I was bored so I needed to waste some time, even though it wasn't much. But I guess it is good he wasted my time reading Billies "boresville" stuff. But I like to reply to stupid conversations except when someone makes a good point like Ike.

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03-24-2000, 12:24 PM
I really don't see any need for this topic to remain open. It could only lead to bad things...