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04-28-2000, 01:58 AM
i love this game. they should really make another game of this type or at least an expansion pack with bonus levels. i played x wing alliance recently, but man oh man does it suck balls!! one of the things that attracted me was the huge numbers of craft that you can use, but dont let that fool you. this is one of those games where EVERY SINGLE button on the keyboard has a function, not only that, also shift + every button and alt + every button all have functions! that is so lame! i printed out a list of all the commands and keys - it was 3 pages long!! and unless you have a nice joystick (not gamepad, JOYSTICK) then dont bother playing.

04-28-2000, 05:28 AM
Okay. I have a decent joystick, so I'll play it for you. http://www.roguesquadron.net/forums/wink.gif

I liked XvT (still haven't seen XWA at the local software store) because of its realism. Yes...flying a starfighter in space takes more controls than 'ground-bashing.' Ground support is fast and dirty--no time to deal with power settings and target selection, just point and shoot. The space combat we see in the X-wing series, though, is in a completely different medium. While it might not be nearly as complicated as flying, say, the space shuttle, it will require more attention to instruments and power distribution. Hence the sheer number of controls.

To help me with XvT, I cut out little cardboard 'cheat tabs' that I could stick on. Saves having to look up a key function in the middle of combat if it's already labeled! Also, the more buttons you have on the joystick, the more controls you can program to them.


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04-28-2000, 02:04 PM
XWA happens to be one of my favourite games!! If you don't like it, fine. if the game play is too complicated for you, fine. If the flight controls are too involved, fine. If you just wan to loop-the-loop and shoot AT-ST's fine, but don't go around telling people it sucks!! It's a fine game, and was in Gamespot's top 5 simulator games for most of last year. If you don't like it, don't play it, but don't tell people it sucks!

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04-29-2000, 04:55 AM
XWA is perfect with my Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad. I have nearly everything I need right on the pad, and I rarely have to touch the keyboard. The learning curve is really very shallow for mastering the controls.

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04-29-2000, 08:57 AM

The Master
04-29-2000, 04:31 PM
What are you snickering about?!

04-30-2000, 06:43 AM
What Conor said. He conceals his sacrasm just a bit, so you may have to read his post more slowly to get it.


The Master
04-30-2000, 03:38 PM
I see http://www.roguesquadron.net/forums/biggrin.gif

Nute Gunray
04-30-2000, 10:24 PM
I wish some of the old timers, Conor might, could remember my old sig at xwa.com and here. The one about RS....

I have far more interesting and important things to do with whatever time humanity has left than fretting about this load of BS...like hierarchizing my extensive collection of taped "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" episodes by lifelines and final answers.

05-01-2000, 06:11 AM
Room Service?

Rebel Scum?

Riot Surgery?

05-01-2000, 07:58 AM
I remember a sig saying something like: "Rogue Squadron are for boys, XWA are for men", but don't quote me on that. http://www.roguesquadron.net/forums/biggrin.gif

The Master
05-01-2000, 08:07 PM
I only have one thing to say. Hi! http://www.roguesquadron.net/forums/biggrin.gif
(Don't ask)

05-02-2000, 07:28 AM
I'm asking. Explain yourself, immediately!

Well? http://www.roguesquadron.net/forums/biggrin.gif

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05-02-2000, 04:35 PM
I just wanted to post something else here.

05-03-2000, 12:15 PM
Originally posted by Nute Gunray:
I wish some of the old timers, Conor might, could remember my old sig at xwa.com and here. The one about RS....

Again, not a direct quote but I think it's pretty close; "let the kid's play Rogue Squadron, and the real men play XWA", or something like that http://www.roguesquadron.net/forums/wink.gif