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10-28-2001, 04:24 PM
i would be gratefull if you anyone could tell me what any of these units are, i am sure other people whould be too!

Chewbacca Melee (I like the sound of that)
Bespin Security Guard (sounds cool)

Bespin Bldg 1
Sacred Place
Lambda Class Shuttle
Bespin Bldg 12
Carbon Gas Pocket
Map Revealer 2
Bursa Leader
Blizzard 1 (Veers)
Blizzard 2
Neimoidian Technician
Wounded Dodonna
Trandoshan Slaver
Chief Chirpa
Colony Ship
Probot Crater
Vor'Na'Tu Shard
AquaProduction Plant
Gundark debris
Otoh Gunga High Tower
Sacred Statue
Rogoe's Keep
Main Terraform Processor
Communications Jammer
Imperial Palace
Main Reactor
Trandoshan Building
Food Storehouse
Endor Shield Generator
Atmosphere Factory
Landing Platform
Jamming Device
Theed Power Station
Medium Transport
Massassi Great Temple
Gravity Control Generator
Massassi Temple
Kessel Prison Building
Kessel Mining Building
Jedi Ruins
Small Rebel Ruins
Medium Rebel Ruins
Gungan Temple
Atmosphere Proc Station
Massassi Ruins
Bespin Government Center

Slaver Ship
Moff Darcc
Boss Tenko
Boss Hoxie
Boss Copek
Boss Hantic
Wounded Attichitcuk
Explosion Trigger
Simon the Killer Ewok (lol)
Bursa Hut
Snowspeeder (Luke Skywalker)
Echo Base Hangar
Naboo Canal-1
Naboo Hub-4
Naboo Hub Outer-1
Trandoshan Jailer
Rancor (Is it the monster jabba has?)

EDIT: wow there are alot of units etc, are the emperors gurds in the game?

Boba Rhett
10-28-2001, 04:40 PM
Sacred Place = Gungans Hiding place in TPM
Lambda Class Shuttle = You know, that three pronged thingy that hand snuck unto endor in. i think...
Gundark = Cool big fearsome creature with large ears.
Wicket = The Ewok who "found" leia.
Chief Chirpa = Leader of the Ewoks
Logray = Wickets Friend and also an ewok
Probot Crater = The crate made when a probe droid "lands" on a planet
Gundark debris = Stuff left by the Gndark I suppose. :D
Otoh Gunga High Tower
Sacred Statue = I assume this will be a statue like the one in the Gungans Sacred place.

Lobot = Guy in ESB who is the assistant of Lando Calrissian.
Bossk - Lizard looking bounty hunter in yellow. Seen in ESB.
Greedo = Alien who got shot and killed by Han in ANH in the Cantina
AAT (OOM-9) = Battle droid Commander
Simon the Killer Ewok (lol) = I don't know but it sounds cool to me!
Echo Base Hangar = the Building that held all the ship on Hoth in ESB.
Rancor (Is it the monster jabba has?) = Yes it is. The one who tries to eat Luke and ate poor poor Oola. :(

10-28-2001, 04:58 PM
The Bespin Security Guard were the security guards in Cloud City in Empire Strikes Back.

11-18-2001, 10:02 PM
Bursa Leader- a powerful animal you can gain control of in the 3rd Gungan level. (He is tough)

Bursa- Generic animals that are rather annoying in the first 2 missions of the Gungan Campaign.

Blizzard 1- This is the Imperial Command Vehicle on the Battle of Hoth. It is commanded by General Veers..

Blizzard 2- One of the AT-AT's that assaulted the rebel base at Hoth.

Neimoidian Technician- A Neimoidian that you must lead to the Droid Control Program on the second level of the Trade Federation Campaign.

Wounded Dodonna- This guy appears breifly at the end of the Imperial first mission.

Trandoshan Slaver- These guys fight you throughout the Wookiee campaign. (The 6th one)

AquaProduction Plant- These appear in the ocean in the 3rd Imperial mission. Keep 5 units near them at all times and they will provide you with rescources.

Gundark Debris- Piece of a dead Gundark.

Rogoe's Keep- Submerged Fortress you must destroy in the 3rd Gungan Level.

Communications Jammer- Little sattelite building you must destroy on the 4th Trade Federation level. (I think it is the 4th.)

That is all for now. I'll post more later.

11-19-2001, 06:52 AM
AAT-oom9 this guy fights in his AAT. He appears in the TF campaign.

Vor na tu and shards are some holocron that you need in the rebel campaign

11-19-2001, 11:06 AM
cool...thanks for the info!