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09-14-2001, 12:00 AM
For my school newspaper (run by my Journalism 120 class), I'm in charge of deciding and writing the headline story, and spinoff ideas, for every edition. In light of the tragedy in the US, our headline story is "AMERICA UNDER ATTACK" <small>(kudos to CNN for that title)</small>... I have a basic article written up, and I'll post it later, but one of the ideas I came up with is to have an American write an article for me to publish in the paper, so that we Canadian youth can know what our counterparts south of the border are feeling...

I'll accept submissions from anyone. I'm not setting a word limit, but if it's too long, I'll revise it myself so it's the right length, and send the author a copy for his/her approval. You will have full credit (including name, state of residence, and if ya want, email), and possibly even a recurring spot in the paper...

What I'm not looking for is a "KILL EM ALL!!!" or "WIPE THE MIDDLE EAST OFF THE MAP!!!" rant. If you want to mention that those are sentiments flying around, then go ahead, but don't make that the focus of the article... Remember... It's about how Americans feel, and are dealing with this... Not a piece of propaganda or hate literature.

One easy guideline is, "Could I read this on CNN and not piss off the censors?"

A heartfelt thank you goes out in advance to all who submit. You can email your article, in it's entirety to rcnitro@nbnet.nb.ca . I'd like to set a soft deadline of Monday or Tuesday.

Ryan Cole
Front Page Editor

Lt Cracken
09-14-2001, 12:08 AM
here's mine, use it as an example.

Cmdr. Cracken
Attack on America

Tuesday, my nation had the horrible privledge of waking up to the one of the most horrific disasters in American and world history. Two hijacked planes, filled with inocennt civilians, crashed into both World Trade Center Towers in New York City, causing them to collapse like an accordian into the streets below. A third crashed into the Pentegon, our military command and control center. A fourth reported plane crashed into the ground, fourtunatly away from any momuments or people.

I loved those towers. I loved that NYC skyline. I remember crossing the the river into Manhattan and seeing these MASSIVE twin towers dominating the skyline! At 6 years old, it was magnificant. And it's gone. The towers which dominate my childhood memory are gone. I saw them collapse live on television. outside, was nanchalant coolness. Inside, I was crying.

I also have an attachment to my countries military might. The Pentegon is our symbol of dominance and superior military technology. It was almost destroyed. Our generals, admirals, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, almost wiped out. Had they not hit the renovated side, our military might have been in shambles.

I still can't believe there gone. I still can't believe the next time i see NYC in person, the massive towers of my youth won't be there.

I also can't comprehend the amount of life that has been lost.

For what? For Allah? For a different God or Diety than we believe in? Because we're the most powerful nation on the planet? Because we defend the Jewish in there new homeland of Isreal? I find that religion, our policies, our WAY OF LIFE, shouldn't be attacked because we're different than others are. I have lost alot of faith in my race.

As a proud member of the USA, I mourn with the rest of my citizens, but mark my words.

Who ever did this will pay, and pay dearly they will.

09-14-2001, 12:28 AM
September 11th began like any other day. The member of the working world woke up and began thier morning with a cup of coffee and the news, which consisted of small arms battles in the middle east and the latest reports of the football season. But the day did not follow through as most had planned. At 8:57 am, a single startling explosion shatterd the New York air. The people working in World Trade Center building #1 felt the ground move beneath them. People standing in the streets gazed up to the top of the giant skyscrapers which had stood in in thier neiborhood for 30 years... to see a gaping hole, flames licking at the edges of the torn structure. Shortly thereafter another airliner hit the second building, and then a third into the Pentagon.
Deatils of the mornings events were being splashed accross the screens of televisions in every state, every home, every school. People stared in awe and pure terror as the buildings collapsed one by one into heaps. The two most distinctive stuctures of the New York City skyline has just fallen... a new era had began.
Fingers began to fly, pointing at just about everyone that had ever been involved in conflict with the United States. But one man stood out amongst the rest... Osama Bin-Laden. The man responsible for the previous attempt at the Twins destruction... and the man who claimed to be planning an attack on America.
The events of September 11th shocked a nation. The events of september 11th shocked the world. The events of 8:56, Tuesday, September 11th, 2001, will be etched into the minds of millions for generations to come. It seems as though war is inevitable, as President Bush asks for- and recieves- 20 billion dollars toward an effort to find and deal with the persons involved. Our nation has been deliberately attacked, our welfare in dangered, and loved ones lives have been snatched from us. Where do you stand?

Joseph D. Schell
Lititz, Pennsylvaina

09-15-2001, 03:13 AM
Another good article...