View Full Version : Well sheaday6 we gave it a shot

12-23-2001, 12:36 AM
We tried, and it was worth it. For those who don't know what's going on I suggest you read the Anything and Everything,eh?, Call to arms, and Bizzarest Thread ever over in the Galactic Battlegrounds forums, you'll find it's quite entertaining. Maybe next time, for now I'm going to bed....

12-23-2001, 12:38 AM
me too, Boba Rhett yelled at us. he said we were being bad *sniff*

12-23-2001, 01:43 AM
:tsk: bad bad posters :tsk: you ought to be ashamed of yourselves :tsk:

12-23-2001, 12:31 PM
Scold us if you want, but you know that if you had been around you would have joined us

The Dogfuchow
12-23-2001, 12:41 PM
uh, the fuuuck?

12-23-2001, 04:08 PM
I wish people would stop being such damn smart asses. They are always being too high and mighty to get down and have some fun...

Well to all you people who hate fun, I hope your next **** is a porcupine.

12-23-2001, 04:31 PM
Originally posted by Setion
Well to all you people who hate fun, I hope your next **** is a porcupine.
:eek: Ooowww -oooooww-wich. I'm glad I know how to have fun.

The irony is, these guys that can't relax, will only create more woe for themselves. They actually encourage spamming, by trying to stop it in the manner they do. All they end up doing is starting a cycle of trouble-making that sometimes never quits. It's no coincidence that there are some forums that have problem-posters all the time.

Well, mostly there are good people here, but there are some overly-hyper (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?postid=323702#post323702) people who need to learn a thing or two about how life works.

12-23-2001, 05:16 PM
Absolute Power...
Makes (most) people mo's.