View Full Version : All Legit Diablo 2 players UNITE!

12-23-2001, 01:12 AM
As you see in my sig, I am here to declare WAR against the dupers! It has been acting up, and SOMEONE has to do SOMETHING to stop them. All I ask is that anyone who posts here will not dupe items and/or recieve dupe items. Also, to inform Blizzard of the need to stop dupers.
Be honorary players, don't give away accounts of those who are duping...
If you see a game with people duping in it, inform some kind of Blizzard employee in the chats (if you can find one) of the game for them to check it out.

Diablo 2 is meant to be fun and to find good items, one must play and defeat either Mephisto, Diablo, or Baal in order to achieve the ability of getting these items... all dupers have no glory and no honor... resulting in no respect for anything they dupe... they revolve their lives around HACKING a free server. Battle.net is one of the few free gaming servers these days. Games such as Ultima Online have a monthly fee to play it. Therefore, these dupers are ruining the free server and, if Battle.net goes down, it will be BECAUSE OF THEM! We must do something about this!

Join the Anti-Dupers Today*

*Note: This is NOT an Advertisement! This is a public statement against cheaters!

Webpage soon to come... if you would like to help on the site, please tell me! I need as many people as I can get to help me!

12-23-2001, 04:45 AM
hmm.. I played Diablo once. It was fun and I used to cheat like hell :D

It was fun and because of it I was hooked to the game for 3 years. I didn't harm the serious players (I never PK'ed, i always just ran away and told them that I was invincible :)).
Why does that destroy battle.net?? You are mixing things up here. And Diablo isn't the only game on Battle.net. Starcraft and Broodwar are still very popular and I still play them :D
I still hope that you have succes with your fight against the nasty Dupers. :)

12-23-2001, 08:49 AM
I see I didn't not explain to you thouroughly... this isn't Diablo 1 this is Diablo 2... Blizzard went specifically against all hacks in Diablo 2... they lost all hope for Diablo 1. Once they saw their mistake with Diablo 1, they made sure it didn't happen again in Diablo 2. But, it's starting up again and Blizzard is going to have to work their asses off to atch these dupers or have to make a new patch... and there have been like 2 patches in the last month against hacks. Starcraft and Brood War are awesome, but, for now, Diablo 2 takes most of the space on Batttle.net. So, if these dupers keep at it... the search for the good items will be over, and people will leave Diablo 2... kind of like what happened to Diablo 1. They ruin the game, and, in retrn, they ruin battle.net for everyone.

It has already been no fun because people are now getting friends to get their characters to Act5 Hell by level 18 and then just leeching experience... no one does the quests anymore... all everyone cares about NOW is magic find to get better items... and these dupers don' need anything... and they just make them. So, then everyone will have what they want/need and they will stop playing for a bit because majority of the time they played they were looking for specific items. This is why it's destroying Battle.net (not to mention it hacks the server itself)

12-23-2001, 11:49 PM
i never really got mad at people who cheated as long as it didnt affect others, but i think you do have a point.

But do you mean there are actually hacking in diablo2?, thats is pretty serious.

good luck:D

12-23-2001, 11:52 PM
Thanks and yeah it indirectly affects legit players. If they are all duping items then, such as the SOJ trade hack, people traded false SOJs that disappeared after a certain amount of time, for good things. THerefore, the legit player loses his SOJ, and the cheater gets an SOJ and whatever he traded for it (usually a REALLY GOOD item).