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12-23-2001, 12:31 PM

If I do not have your Idea here you may send me a pm and I'll put it on here.

12-23-2001, 12:36 PM
Gungan Archetech's

Scenario 1. Colonists arrive on Naboo for the first time.
Start: You fly in with some transports to a rugged planet for the first time. First objective is "Scout the area to find out if the planet is a worthy colony" - ie find nova, and ore deposits, and fertile soil - food and nerfs, etc. Second objective is to set up a base - ie build up a settlement of some kind. The End.

**(Easy and a 'starter up' - remember...at this stage the Naboo are unaware of Gungan existance)**

Scenarios 2-3. First Gungan contact

Scenario 2 and 3: (This storyline could be seperated into the two scenarios later this is just a basic overview of how the conflict eveolves)

You have remote outposts and a few men in certain areas, as well as some sort of base. Gungans stroll past...you open fire on them and then they start talking to you. They accuse you of attacking them innocently and of religious sacrelige beacause of the settlement you built in the area (perhaps is the place where the Gungans believe their God first created life - or whateva .

The Gungans who fight the Naboo could be members of a rogue Gungan faction or they could form a rogue gungan faction in response to the human settlement, . The game would evolve into a war with the "rogue Gungans".

These rogue gungans could then fight a guerilla war against the Naboo - "hit and run" warfare. Also they could be sort of terrorists - striking against the naboo cities - kinda like Bin Laden (a sensitive issue but a good idea). In the end you wipe out the Rogue Gungan force...but you (the Naboo) are forever viewed by the normal Gungan Population as enemies. (The normal gungan population saw the Rogue Gungans as heroes - Boss Nass secretly supported them without openly declaring support for their cause - kinda like a lot of leaders through history.)

An uneasy peace ensures - (the cold relationship the 2 civs had).

Rogue Gungans could have some cool name for themselves (Rogue Gungans sounds a bit plain) i.e. the name of Bin Laden's group is Al Qaeda - so the Rogues could have their own name as well.

~~If you decide (the designers) to have a direct confrontation between Boss Nass and the Naboo then you can make up the story ~~

Scenarios4-5. You could insert Fergie's ideas here. The only problem is, and this is a BIG PROBLEM was that Amidala was elected democratically - no warring factions!?!


Scenarios 4-5. This could be the story of the Naboo slipping into a period of civil war. You could be the monarchy and you have to fight a group hell-bent on a new way of government - Anarchists, communists (well, a variation on the names but are anti - royalty).

Basic Plot - Monarchy, security forces battle the **faction** who want change - tales of betrayal in the Kings ranks...etc

Scenario 4- i.e. Details the beginnings and some battles in the civil war. Then you move a number of troops or weapoins to a specific location to prepare to eliminate the factions. Then you are betrayed by a senior army official who defects. There is an ambush waiting...many monarchists (your men) are killed, weapons are stolen...and you have to run back to Theed and survive...then pick up the pieces and defeat the factions in scenario 5.

Scenario 5: You must defeat the factions once and for all. i.e. survive an assault on Theed, then lead a squad of elite men - jedi, heroes, through **faction**controlled territory and assasinate the leader and blow up the main base of the **faction**. Restore the king to his glory and negotaite a peace with the remaining rabble of guerillas. etc HAPPY ENDING

Then a TIME-JUMP to the crowning of Queen Amidala - a cutscene - speech about how she is honored, people cheers!! etc

Scenario 6. Trade Federation story begins. The plot and scenes from the movie are played out. Lots of cutscenes where the Trade Fed invades and rounds up resistance etc. Mission: You have escape with the Queen and Obi Wan, Qui Gon, Panaka etc. Past droids, and away!

12-23-2001, 12:37 PM
Com Raven's

Mission 1 : First Contact with Gungans , Settlers stumble upon sacred place and descrate it by accident ...

Mission 2= The King has died...Captain Panaka (i think he is a hero) finds him dead and Several factions of 'potential' canidates fight it out...you/Panaka are on a quest to desern the best heir to the throne. You and your small task force are attacked several times by the waring factions...you find Amidala/Padme...end scenario

Mission 3= Amidala anounces her intent for the throne...and is attacked by most of the waring factions...she has but one ally (I forgot his name...the advisor to amidala in the movies that stays behind) They fight together and defeat several factions...

Mission 4 : EP 1: Escape from Theed, lots of heroes

Mission 5 :Off-Screen Ep1 1: rescue Sio Bibble who was forced to send message to Amidala , more regular troops

Mission 6 :Ep 1: infiltrate Palace, once again heroes ...

12-23-2001, 12:39 PM
Darthfergie's Idea

Scenario 1= The King has died...Captain Panaka (i think he is a hero) finds him dead and he and his guard force search out the traitor...(kill a few people nothing major)

Scenario 2= Several factions of 'potential' canidates fight it out...you/Panaka are on a quest to desern the best heir to the throne. You and your small task force are attacked several times by the waring factions...you find Amidala/Padme...end scenario

Scenario 3= Amidala anounces her intent for the throne...and is attacked by most of the waring factions...she has but one ally (I forgot his name...the advisor to amidala in the movies that stays behind) They fight together and defeat several factions...

Scenario 4= Amidala is now put up against the strongest faction...the faction of the king's nephew...fight it out...

Scenario 5= Amidala is being crowned queen and rules no military action will be taken against the TF...She is captured...Qui-Gon and Obi-One rescue here...oh and Jar Jar too...you have to get her to the hangar alive...

Scenario 6= Infiltration of the Palace after they come back...capture Nute Gunray...

12-23-2001, 12:41 PM
Zendjir's Idea

1.Human colonists discover Naboo and the Gungans respond to this by attacking the lightly armed colonists. A standard game: naboo vs. Gungans, but the naboo only have tech lvl 2 max. and the gungans 4. This should make an interesting game, because you really must use each units strenghts to the max.

2. As more and more colonists fly in from outer space, the fighting gets fiercer, the Nubian commanders decide to settle the matter once and for all, and attack the city of Otoh Gunga. This is a battle mission: destroy the enemy command center with a limited number of troops, while receiving constant reinforcements. At the end of the mission the two factions realize that the fighting is pointless, and an uneasy peace is settled.

3-5. Insert three missions from fergies idea here.

6. The trade federation attacks Naboo. After the initial attacks by OOM-9 only small scattered groups of naboo's security force remain. You start out with a small number of troops, and rescue more nubians as you go along. This results in the liberation of a small naboo city in which you will build a base. The game then changes into a standard game, with multiple TF enemy's. You have one ally: a small gungan settlement that you can use to trade with, and they attack the trade federation from the sea occansionally.

7. Replay the part of the movie where queen amidala, panaka and some troops try to capture the viceroy.

12-23-2001, 12:42 PM
Mike DF

Narrator: Ric Ole.

1. Ole blathers on about landing, involving distant ancestor. Mission involves the initial colonization. Player's goal is to build initial base and harvest enough rescources to make colonization worthwhile. Players' initial goal is to harvest x food, carbon, nova, and ore. And to build so many houses, a command center, etc.

Players start with a few troops and workers at a lander and have to pick a spot (or go to a predesignated one) and start building. They run across a few "native primitive" scouts, and waste them. After base is built ( with periodic raids) Gungans show up in force, and mission switches to standard "kick the enemy's butt mode".

2. Switch to Ep I time, with Obi-Won and QuiGon rescuing everyone, fighting their way to the hangar, and escaping, as in the movie.

3. Go to, Rebellion Era, shortly before Endor. Ric talks about the changes over time and the rebellion coming to Naboo. He talks about how they'd managed to take and hold a small base, and how they had planned to kick a planetwide revolt off. On the eve of their plans, things go wrong.

Start by viewing a small Naboo or rebel base. Then a trio of X1 TIEs show up, strafe the troops (set them all to croak.) This is followed by a squadron of bombers, who trash the base. After the command center blows up, a bunch of troops ungarrison or something, running into an imp army. Some commanders run into a different direction, and are captured by two bounty hunters, Jodo Kast, and Zardra (Toned down Boba Fett and Mara Jade, respectively)

Then, things switch to plan B a covert series of raids in the nearby city and outlying areas. Player starts with a small task force, and must complete a series of objectives to get the populace ivolved, while rescuing their comrades.

A. Rescue the commanders from the Bounty Hunters before they are taken to a detention center and interrogated, spilling the beans on the plan.

B. Detention Centers are sprinkled throughout. Rescue your comrades.

C. Locate a bunch of demolition droids to achieve your goals. (They're set to trash a series of objectives with one hit.)

D. As this is Palp's home planet, there's a monument to himself built. Destroy it.

E. The TIEs from the beginning are courtesy of an Imperial Pilot Academy. Ditto on the destruction.

F. Players must capture a series of Comm centers to get the word out to the populace to rise up and throw off the Imperial oppressors. As the broadcast starts, however, the Imps start jamming it.

G. Destroy the jamming tower.

H. After this, the Imperials are ticked off big time. Players have to escape from the map with their commanders and x number of troops, while the Imperials try their best to wipe them out in a running house to house gunbattle.

4. Ric talks about how they had succeeded in getting the populace stirred but lacked manpower and needed help. He talks about how the Gungans had been forced onto reservations by the Emperor, and were being used as slaves, under the watchful eye of an Imperial Inquisitor. The Imperial Forces, needing somewhere to put all the rebels they captured earlier, also stuck the prisoners on the reservation. Player has to take out the garrisons on a series of Gungan towns, Recue the Rebels, and deal with the Imperial Navy.

Players goals are to wipe out the garrisons, trash a bunch of ships and shipyards on the heavily water covered map, and trash the Inquisitor, a tough Sith Master. When Rebels or Gungans are rescued, they ally with the player, and tribute them rescouces. The Imps'll be tough though.

When they succeed though, the TIEs from the last mission show and wreak havoc. They are revealed to be elements of the elite 181st fighter squadron, and will have to be dealt with, leading us to the next mission.

5. The rebels withdraw, saying they're needed elsewhere, and wish the Naboo good luck. Ric mention that it turns out this is due to the battle over the second Death Star, though noone knew it at the time. The Naboo forces, still short on Manpower, need another solution. Ric mentions that when the Trade Federation hit earlier, They had been in the process of building a permanent Droid Control programmer on the planet's surface to take the place of the ship, which was a temporary measure. When they were defeated, the Trade Fed Control program, and a bunch of battledroids were placed in storage. This was in the same area as the 181st Fighter Squadron's base.

Mission starts out with some men and has to locate the droid control program. Occasionally they'll run across reinforcements. Then, they have to build a base. They then are required to find and liberate stored TF workers, battledroids, droidekas, etcetera. Player's goal then becomes to

A. Wipe out the 181st Airbases.

B. Research the full Trade Fed tech tree.

C. Harvest enough rescources to build the army required to liberate the planet.

6. Player leads Trade Fed, Naboo, and Gungan forces in a Citywide battle against the Imps in the capital. Imp forces under the command of the resident Moff are scattered throughout, and the player 's main base is located just outside the city. Player has to take out a series of targets, including the Moff, and capture the Royal palace. However, the winding streets and buildings make things difficult. Also, if too many civilian buildings are damaged in the fray, they lose automatically. Also, players will be required to guard bridges, lest the imps destroy them and cut off the player. No air forces on either side allowed in this mission.