View Full Version : MP-game ?

12-23-2001, 02:50 PM

i was scheduled to play lord_adelgard tonight, but he hasn't showed..

is anyone interested in an online game now ?
I'll host.. just pm me or reply to this thread.

EDIT: it's 22:15 pm now.. I'm still available, but not much longer.

Lord Tirion
12-24-2001, 08:28 AM
We really need a chat program on this site =P

12-24-2001, 08:31 AM
it would improve things dramatically.
The last four times i tried to get a game going through posting / pm's, it took me over an hour at least to get some kind of response. With an average of 38 people online at that time.
I guess the best thing now is to make an appointment for a specific time.

So, Tirion, care to play me this friday ? :D (RM)

Lord Tirion
12-25-2001, 07:18 AM
I havent played a serious game of rm in a long time. In fact I think the last time I played a serious game was our last meeting.. thats how long. I usually play rms with our guild just joking around but you are welcomed to play with us. If you have msn messenger, I gaurentee you will be playing lots of swgb since we do all the time. Most of us can't even play on the zone anymore due to the lag and some of us are just tired of those jerks on there so we have been playing a ton of ip games. Soon as the official Nexsis site goes up, we are going to run a fun event so if you want in the event let me know. It will probably be rm (Trade Fed and Empire vs. the rest of the civs).