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12-27-2001, 12:00 PM
hey delphi is it ok if this new one is made cuz the old one is all screwed up and unorganised so this is the new one

WE wont start till we have 2 on each side then more can join

Delphi's clone
-blank- (first person to ask and promises to come atleast once a day gets this place)

Gungan Warrior

anymore whjo want to join just ask in the middle and tell us which team you wanna be on

Delphi's Clone
12-27-2001, 12:38 PM
ok i want 1 more person on my team but if that wont work out it wilkl just be us three ok?

Just incase some of you may not know here's the beggining

PS: read your reacources well and use them

It's was 4:00 in the morning wehn 4 ISD's arrived at the planet of Yarlishe(the imps had 4 ISD's 2 lanser class frigats 6 squads of tie interceptors,2 squads of tie bombers and 4 squads of tie advanced. it also had 10 blocade runners for rienforcements as needed) the home of one of the Rebelles Air Bases it( it has 1 mon cal cruizer 3 blocade runners and 3 squads of X-wings that you can use you can also call a rienforcement of 2 squads of B-wings)
it seems impossible for the rebells but it is not you need a keen tactical minde to get out of this mess you will try to win against me and i'll do my best to stop that


i shall moderate and if you see me doing somthing wrong let me know since i am not that expirienced

12-27-2001, 05:46 PM
so if im not mistaken we get

1 mon cal cruiser
3 blockade runners
3 squads of x-wings-10 each
2 squads of b wings-10 each
and a keen tactical mind

uuuummm i though i had a gungan on my team and if you read his sig carefully -"Gungans no die'n without a fight. Wesa warriors! Wesa gotta grande army !"

so i suggest we get also a
squadron of gungan fighters-1000 in number
faamba shield generator-8 in number

these are my humble requests because my keen tactical mind has a plan

Delphi's Clone
12-27-2001, 07:37 PM
umnnnnnn that is just his name ......... you are both rebells you dont know gungan tech sorry............. this is in the time after return of the jedi......... but you guys will get rogue squadron in the next mission :)

PS: rebell squadrons have 12 fighters each :) Ipmpirial ones have about 24 sometimes even more :)

ok no one has joined yet so let the games begin me vs you 2

since i have a bigger army and more rienforcemnts :)

12-27-2001, 07:47 PM
1 mon cal cruiser
3 blockade runners
3 squads of x-wings-12 each
2 squads of b wings-12 each
and a keen tactical mind

so thats what we get

ok listen up gungan this is what u get

3 blockade runners
1 squad of x-wings
1 squad of B wings
keen tactical mind
you can place yourself wherever you want

this is krkode's army

1 mon cal cruiser
2 squads of x wings- im in squadron 1 and my code is 'rogue 5'
1 squad of B wings
keen tactical mind

12-27-2001, 07:48 PM
hang on krkrode has rebel units and I should have gungan units

12-27-2001, 07:51 PM
ok delphi i have a proposition
we want some variety in our army so gungan will sacrifice his
1 B wing squadron for 400 gungan heavy infantry

12-27-2001, 07:58 PM
and my blokade runners for some kaadu calervry

12-27-2001, 08:01 PM
GW army

1 blockade runner
50 kaadu cavalry
1 squad of x-wings
400 gungan hvy infantry
keen tactical mind

you can place yourself wherever you want

this is krkode's army

1 mon cal cruiser
2 squads of x wings- im in squadron 1 and my code is 'rogue 5'
1 squad of B wings
keen tactical mind

Delphi's Clone
12-27-2001, 08:12 PM
umnnnnnnn umnnnnnnnn well hmmmmmm but gungans wont fit in the story line.......... oh well

ok since infantry are useless anyway against my squads of Noghri and my 1000+ heavy stomtroopers with repeater blasters

soo than ok. my forces all in all are

1 of my ISD's is heavely upgrade (my flagship the DÆMOS)
4 ISD's 2 lanser class frigats 6 squads of tie interceptors,2 squads of tie bombers and 4 squads of tie advanced. it also had 10 blocade runners for rienforcements as needed each blocade runner has 1 squad of tie interceptors(15) and 90 storm troopers and 1 At-ST

each ISD has about 600+ storm troopers 5 AT-AT's and 5 At-St's and 15 storm trooper transports lansers have 60 storm troopers and 3 At-Pt's and 1 stormtrooper transpor also 5 tie's

now that was the exact complement of my forces about double your forces so make yourr decisions wise

:atat: ===:gungan:=========== :vsd:

:emperor: hahahaha those rebel scum

PS: please include all the numbers of your reble troopers they should be 1000 maybee a bit less somthing like 800 ( not including Gungan)

ok the games begin NOW

12-27-2001, 08:15 PM
but my infantry and calvery have shields and will open up a can of whoopass on your stormtroopers in the swamps

Delphi's Clone
12-27-2001, 08:19 PM
there are no swamps on this world and who said you have fambas and even if you did there are my 15 squads of noghri elite about 140 noghri

12-27-2001, 08:29 PM
but they have portable shields;)

Delphi's Clone
12-27-2001, 08:43 PM
umnnn noooooooooo they dont now let the the gmae begin

Delphi send's 15 probe droids to scout the world for the rebel base

all ISD's activate shields at full streangth every ISD deploy 1 squad of tei's (30) all ships red alert also tell the lansers to activate shields and red alert dont let any ships through disable and if not possible to diable them destroy them. that goes for all ships all ISD's get out of formation and spread . just incase get ready to comense planetary bombardment and to call tohse 10 correlian corvetts.

sir a report has come in that one of the probe droids has found the rebell base 10 seconds later he was destroyed.

tell the other probes to come to 1 location point and to hide and ambus any troops that may come by.

all ISD's begin planetary bombardment Ion cannons only

and also prep 2 storm tooper transports with highly advanced shields and a team of Noghri each * the transports are almos unkillable that way not even torpedos can breach that shield*

12-27-2001, 09:28 PM
oh no lukes base has been discovered :eek:
not yet knowing the strength of the empire krkode arrives in just 1 squadron of :x-wing: 's and blasts every probe droid in site shouting evacuate the area. Luke comes up to krkode and says "thanks again krkode, i owe you 1245" krkode says "itts alright thats what friends are for" "speaking of friends we are too far away from my own base so let us pay our ally GW for his base is closeby" make sure u arent followed

and krkode takes off with his :x-wing: squadron as they leave ,
wedge says "ajnother victory for krkode squdron"

*by the way wedge left rogue squadron and is now promoted to krkode squadron*

12-27-2001, 09:31 PM
I am the Rebel Leader, as stated in the previous thread.

12-27-2001, 09:53 PM
you mean your on my team

i dont think it should be a 3 vs 1

why doesnt somebody shift to the empire
id be glad to
ive been waiting to lay my hands on those juicy droidekas

why dont we make it

krkode+delphi vs GW+WC_heavyarms

if thats ok with everyone

12-27-2001, 10:27 PM
no no make it us vs delphi cause look at all the stuff he has and our combined forces are pittiful compared to his army we need wc heavy arms krkrode

12-27-2001, 10:54 PM
ok then its 3 vs 1

WC you can take all my resources
all i need is one x wing and one B wing squadron


Gungan Warrior

1 blockade runner
50 kaadu cavalry
400 gungan hvy infantry
keen tactical mind

WC heavy arms
1 mon cal cruiser
1 squad of x wings
1 squad of B wings
keen tactical mind

krkode's army
1 squad of X wing
1 squad of B wing
keen tactical mind

AND a few troopers here and there

You guys ok with that
dont worry bout me
ill be alright

Delphi's Clone
12-27-2001, 11:45 PM
haha 1 base down they are retreating but they are heading some where els...........................

capitain order 1 tech crew equipped with blast droids to go in to the deserted base (the rebels were bound to hae set traps)
tell them to salvage any information and technology.

Comm officer: "sir 1 x-wing squadron has entered from hyperspace from the looks of it i think it's rogue sqaudron, they are blasting all our probe droids"

no matter

capitain sent out 50 probe ddroids 2 of them cloked tell them to search for another hidden base. and dont worry about rogue squadron this so called luke skywalker will cause us no problems what so ever

this is emepror delphi to hanger controll luanch the cloked pods with yalsmari in them all 2000 of them.

capitain all our ships have yalsmai on them and i mean every where even our tei's?

"es sir even our noghri andour stormtroopers are equipped with them. may i ask why?"

of cource the you and all of our people are so afrade of this skwlaker beacause of his powers correct and dont lie.

yes sir.

well the yalsmari have a unatural affect on the force they block it entirelythey make a 10 meater non force buble when alone when together they make a gigantic one that was why i luanched the pods into this system.

our freind skywalker will be utterly useles to this rebellion.

tell the hanger bay to launch our littel surprize and all our starfighters exept the 7 cloked tei defenders that i have been working on

"yes sir i understan i will leave you now to carry out your orders"

oh yes and one more thing when the tech crew is done and back in the hanger tell the surprize to run right into the base head on if the crew wishes they may use there escape shuttle dont worry we have one more that in in one of our corvetts . call them in right now.

yes sir. but the clokeing shield on that ship that is going to run into the empty base alone is worth more than the entire rebell army here and all the development that has gone into it's wep................

NO BUT'S capitan do as you are told i promise you will see.

12-28-2001, 12:02 AM
meanwhile I get a base under way with shield generators protecting it from bombardments I also set up patrols and begin building an army.later that day a scout reports that he found an abandon rebel base I sett some workers to build some xwings and other weapons.I then send krkrode my blockade runner 18 xwings because my gungans can't work them:D

12-28-2001, 12:10 AM
krkode thanks GW profusely and says "you are the friend of the rebellion"

secretly krkode has a huge armmy i mean huuuuge getting built up ona planet i cannot name

12-28-2001, 12:21 AM
I have many strong warriors that could help us take over a star destroyer but I would need some transports and pilots to get me there

12-28-2001, 12:27 AM
no problem mate
thats my speciality
just hop on in the back of my new mon cal cruiser and we shall be there
ok heres the plan
my x wings attack from outside
the moncal cruiser will attach itself to the stardestroyer just enough time to deploy gungans who will create as much havoc as possible
then the blowing up will take place from inside
it is the gungans who will do it

we may loose warriors but it shall be a victory to remember

__--attack--__ __==Y==__

12-28-2001, 12:37 AM
I will order my gungans too place some explosives at key points and you should place a couple of rebel pilots to fly it into another star destroyer.we will honour those brave pilots and gungans

12-28-2001, 06:42 AM
ok, B-wing squadron, with designation banshee, you are clear to launch. Escort our ship.

*would any of you guys like to play operation Missile Battery?*

Delphi's Clone
12-28-2001, 03:00 PM
Sir right when the tech crews reported in and transferred all the important Data they were ambushed and killed by 200 creaturs called gungans

oh well unimportant see those gungans will not are going to give the X-wing and blocade runner to one of there alleis it is just lifting off with the brand new X-wings see i anticipated they would do that command the surprise to uncloke immidiatly and put full power into the engins and run it to the base

yes sir

the ship crash's in to the huge rebel base with hundreds of gungans inside and then a massive explosion comes it ingulfs the whole base and the blocade runner with the X-wings, the B-wings get there just in time to see the explosion and they veer off as fast as they can only 2 of them are caught by the explosion and destroyed in whole the blast keeps on spreading and spreading till it stops abput 180 kilometers away from the initial balst point

see capitan the whole rebell base and the blocade runner with the x-wing crago are no more and all of the gungans reacources are gone with it they pose no more threat

sir our probe droids have located 1 base i think it is the gungan one we also found rebells in it heading tword what seems to be there 2nd base we assignd the cloked droids to follow them.

good sent our second cloked bomb ship to the gungan base even there powerful shield can protect them from our new super weapon.

yes sir and tell our moon base to set launch the 400 Tie Defenders that they have produced and keep them on patrol i expect even 5x rogue squadron could not handel them.

when is the ISSD [I]Convecutor[I] arriveing to pick me up and head toward coruscant?

in 1/2 hour sir

good the battle should be finished by then if not the ISSD will assist oh yes and once the ISSD arrives tell it to bring up its gravitey well projectors

sir our cloked bomb is in position right uder the gungan shield what are your orders?

order it to blow up right when the gungans start to retreat there base or when we attack whichever comes first.

this shall be a glorious day for the empire watch and learn capitan

12-28-2001, 03:43 PM
it is a grievous day
those brave gungans didnt deserve to die
the empire will pay for this

unknown to the empire the huge gungan army that was destroyed in the crash was .5% of the whole gungan army:D

krkode's and WC's supplies come in to help the couple of remaining few gungans and pick up resources

in another part enraged by the unsporting act of the empire krkode's x-wings fly off to the system where the next imperial crafts are and start a full scale hit and run attack

the large and slow imperial ships cant help it so a squadron of new and c ocky ties come out and are simply wiped out by the well trained, tactical minded krkode squadron.
then they leave only to see another small imperial base destroyed this time by the gungans on the planet naboo

here krkode meets GW and tells him "nice show of force commander" "i am impressed by your tactics" " the empire has a true enemy in us" and they will pay dearly for what they have done

Delphi's Clone
12-28-2001, 04:18 PM

the krkode squadron thinks they have killed our main starfighter force

tel the 400 Tie defenders to destrooy krkode squadron and any other rebell ships in the area

krkode sqwudron is demolished and only krkode 1 can barley escape to the rebell base

good now tell the bomb to detonate

a huge rumble fills the brige do not worry capitan it's only the bomb going off this one is 10 times more powerfull than the first one. The whole gungan base was destroyed it took with the whole gungan army the whole big thing there were only 2 suvivors gungn warrior who was in the rebell base and a gungan reapeter trooper that we cpatured and brought to my ISD for torture he is bieing tortured and interogated right now

now only to kill rogue squadron and the rest of the rebell ships.

sir the ISSD has arrived good i will transfer to it now good bye

once onboard the ISSD delphi commands it to go into galactic bombardment range to bombard the rebell base and he tells the rest of the fleet to go into escort position every thing launch exept my private cloaked tie defender squad of whom i am the leader of.

commense galactic bombardment in 5 4 3 2 1 ..........

their sheilds wont hold more than 3 minutes of this massive bombard ment.

12-28-2001, 05:21 PM
krkode absolutely enraged looks desparately for rogue squadron who make him their commander owing to his superior war experience

rogue squadron after hearing about the demolished gungans look hoping that they find GW, but he is no where to be seen

a passing gungan says "theysa been taken away by them baaad imewials, theysa uuuuugly"
krkode says "thank you very much"-elvis style

"this is a job for keen tactical minds and not well armed x wings

so he picks up his lightsaber which he hasnt used in a while and along with wedge infiltrates the enemy base killing as many as they can find

they find the prison and free GW after seeing that his body guard has been killed

wedge takes GW and flies off in his x wing after krkode says he has some unfinished business
right now they are in the stardestroyer
he sneaks into the commanders room where he sees delphi eating grapes and drinking lemonade

he breaks in to the room screaming and slices at delphis head and the saber goes right through but it goes through thin air as that is only a hologram of delphi

the real delphi comes out and with his saber starts to have a one on one battle with krkode.

krkode slices off delphis pinky finger and escapes as he himsel is badly injured

he leaves immediately and is flying towards the new gungan and rebel base as he says to himself "good days work"

Delphi's Clone
12-28-2001, 05:43 PM
delphi laughs aloud my infirior clone almost defeted tha all mighty krkode and he got away with it and only lost his pinky finger and he sliced krkodes liver open imagen what i could do hahahaha

well now they went for the bait they took the GW clone and by now he's probably giving the reblls fake information about all our forces weaknesses hahah they will aoon attack and fall into my trap hahaha then i will capture krkode, and WC_heavyarms and will make them my dark side students.

sir our bombardment has broken through the shields

good stop the hevy turbo laser fire but continue with ion cannon bombardment first disable the shield generator than the hanger and then anything els oh yes and keep up the gravity wells and send out 19 of our noghri teams from this ISSD and give me my 2 noghri bodygard teams they shall guard me at all times.

and the second plan now shoot down wedges x-wing

yes sir

wedges X-wing engulfed in a great ball of fire right after GW was dropped off wedge didnt have time to eject it was the end of his life.................

Now capitain be preped for the main battels and launch the 9 other surprises and keep them far away from our position when needed they shall come to assist.

12-28-2001, 05:57 PM
krkode with tears in his eyes and GW at his side "he was a brave fighter, you owe him one GW" suddenly krkode notices that this GW didnt have the scar he had once given the real GW in a practice lightsaber battle
he ignites his saber and slices off the fake GW's head

now delphi has both GW and a cloning technology
i wouldnt be surprised if the person i fought with was a fake delphi..... hmmmm no wonder he was so bad

i fought the real delphi b4 and he was a lot better...

he picks up the communication instrument and calls for WC

a voice replies "sir, commander WC is out in battle"
'battle against who!!"

the imperials sir they have attacked

this time they will pay

krkode packs up rogue squadron as they are about to leave a mysterious cloaked figure walks up and opens the hood

to his surpriose it is GW all injured
krkode even notices the scar
what happened??

"i escaped" im badly injured
krkode says "take him to the hospital"

then slave 1 lands and boba fett lands (boba fett is our ally)
and says "com krkode i have found a weakness in the starship that is attacking WC"

krkode says "you have a keen tactical mind"
they take off and make space pudding out of the army of 400 ties only because of their superior skill and also out of anger for wedge

then WC is rescued
and they return to base

meanwhile luke skywalker gives 3 squadrons of x wings to krkode

and also WC managed to steal 30 ties

so a lost army replaced and everyone safe again

Delphi's Clone
12-28-2001, 07:01 PM
sir we have lost contact to GW clone

good i new they would fall for that and what about the boba clone?

they belive him

good it would have been suuch a waste of work i mean all the trouble we wnet thorugh to makee a duplicate of the slave 1............

and you also let the real GW escape as orderd?

yes sir good our plan is now falling in place carry on

sir 3 squads of x-wing shave enterd hyper space and are bieng giveen to krkode good let them be. is skywalker there?

yes sir ok are my personal Tie Defenders preped

good i will go and fight him myself the rest of them shall guard me

let's see how he can handle cloked TD's

delphi launches and in a mattern of seconds he dissables lukes x-wing and takes him witht to his ISSD
once delphi gets back he says capitan send one of our surprises right in the middel of those 3 x-wing squadrons and blow it

yes sir.

the 3- squads blow in a spectacular blue fire

now my young student skywalker etc.

luke joins the dark side and is now on delphi's side

dont worry capitan i know he will not betray me he loves the drk side

and if he dose his head will blow up and he wont even reach me

now to deal with the rest of the rebels

capture the leaders alive

oh and the 30 ties that were stolen dentonate them they carry my new nuetorn bomb hahaha and they are in the rebel base it will demolish there hanger bay but leave the rest operational

are the noghri in position?

yes sir all 190 of them they are brakeing into the command center where GW WC and krkode are

tell them to use high level stun wepons their jedi triks will be useless against them beacuse they carry yalsmari hahaha

12-28-2001, 07:36 PM
you dirty slimeball

little do those disgusting noghri know of our ambush hahaha

as soon as they r in the command centre with the dummy krkode GW and WC a nuclear bomb blows up and tata to the noghri hahahaha

suddenly krkode sees boba escaping
surprised with this he shoots him down with immense accuracy
he shoots off his 2 big toes and his arm and boba comes wheering down and confesses that hes a clone and gets killed

suddenly krkode gets suspicious how did GW escape when he was in outerspace and he didnt even have a ship
it must have been an ambush

suddenly he takes his saber and carefully slits open GW's stomach only to find a thermal detonator with 5 secs remaining he throws it away and send GW to the hospital
krkode saves the day

then suddenly delphi's sith apprentice darth gelphi appears and starts attacking krkode

an intense battle occurs in the midst of the desert area and in the end of course krkode beats gelphi who surrenders

krkode holds him prisoner.

GW is fit once again and krkode says "you have been through much trouble"
i want you to rest on planet *********** and build up the army

the empire doesnt realize but we are one step ahead of it this very minute

12-28-2001, 08:47 PM
no wait 'I am a jedi like my father before me' that means I will assasinate delphi I cloaked myself got krkrode to transport me and my 12 reamaining gungans and they made a distractoin while I headed for delphis chambers I killed his royal guards and headed for delphi in one swift stroke I cut him in half NOTE:this was the real delphi not a spy or decoy okay:) NOTE I headed back to my gungans but they were all dead apart from3 wounded ones and one alive gungan we escaped in a escape pod and left the fighting to krkode and wc heavyarms

12-28-2001, 08:57 PM
hang on there GW
the players cant die
so the delphi you killed is a clone delphi or its the real delphi but hes not dead

and yes you have been trained well GW

12-28-2001, 09:03 PM
then this is going to go on forever eg. delphi destroys a base but by coincidence we have a bigger,better base in them trees

12-28-2001, 09:05 PM
thats the whole point -i think-play till your sick of it

cuz you cant just say we killed delphi so we won the war:);)

but you can kill yourself;)

12-28-2001, 09:12 PM
okay GW is dead :) the rest of the gungans go back to farming :D can I be luke with rogue squadron krkode?

Delphi's Clone
12-28-2001, 11:31 PM
umnnnn no luke is my aprentice so here it goes on

the loss of my fake clon has been disturbing but life goes on

commander the noghri have capture the command center?

yes but they were suspecting the attack and we lost 80 noghri but lukly the guy carrying the bomb dint want to die so he surrenderd and the noghri cut his head off


now tell the noghri to capture the real leaders and bring them to me

yes sir

the noghri cpatur all of the leaders and bring them to the ISSD

now tell the 9 bombs to oblitarate the whole world.

yes sir and then with a humungus explosion the world get ripped in 5 pieces on of those peices flys right through a lansers hull destoying it

oh well

now krkode, WC, and GW you will obey me my voise comes through the speakers or you will die

delphi goes into hyperspace in his cloked Tie defender and fly towards coruscant

his clones (18) try to convert them and then they all start attacking the battel goes on and one of the coles slices krkode right hand off.................... you continue (escape is your only hope)
continue with a spectacular escape your turn

In other words you have failed this mission next time use your minds.

i will start a new story tommorow :) now finish your desperate escape :D

See this is how you win a battle.

12-29-2001, 12:23 AM
no this is how you tell a story

ok lets change GW to my loyal friend james bond (JB)

ok now JB and WC and krkode with one hand ar stuck in a small room with delphi's clones

all three ignite light sabers and one by one eliminate the clones
krkode fights as bravely as he does with two hands

as the last clones head is sliced off the right wall of the room collapses and they here a noise "yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaw"

they look closer and wo and behold there in a pummel is sitting indiana jones
krkode says "indy whatcha doin here man am i glad to see you."

they all get inside the pummel and indy drives it to the hangar where indy's twin han solo is waiting in the millenium falcon

they get in and fly off light speed to a far away galaxy

krkode gets his hand repaired and as time goes on corruption in the empire breaks it down as delphi is devastated
hes so angry cuz his commander couldnt find the falcon and he says "you have failed me for the last time, commander"

Delphi's Clone
12-29-2001, 02:31 PM
ok well you still lost the battle

and where'd you get corruption there is no coruption in the new (my) Empire we still have 100x more forces than you.

report to the new story:)

12-29-2001, 02:52 PM
ok guys, regroup.

01-08-2002, 11:07 PM
I fire my turbolaser gun at every enemy, scaring them half to death with my insane waste of precious energy. "Learn some conservation!" crackles loudly over my comlink.