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12-29-2001, 08:07 AM
So, what's the best Final Fantasy part so far

I played 7, 8 and 9. Part 7 is really the best, cause it's kept simple, but very thrilling and magical. The music also rocks, especially the boss-battle music. Really exciting are the parts where there's hardly any music (like when you follow the trail of blood in the Shinra building).
Part 8 is the worst: too complicated (both fighting and story), and it sucks that the boss battles basically mean: summoning GF till you see green and purple. It also sucks that you can't skip the GF-"movie". The card-game is too simple, wich makes it practically impassible to make a good stategy.
Part 9 is a good second. The battle system is really simple, even easier then part 7. The story is good, although I have the feeling that it's a little adapted to "the west". Where 7 played like an anime-movie, 9 has a disturbing Disney-feel. You can also see it's more focussed on the younger ppl. In 7 and 8, terms like "Sh!t", "goddamn" and "Son-of-a-*****" could be heard, but I didn't see one curse in 9. The cardgame is great, when you get how it works...

And how part 10? I heard it should be pretty good, but it isnt out here yet, and i don't have a PS2