View Full Version : AIM threat

Obi Kwan
01-02-2002, 05:33 PM
I just heard this on a local CBS radio station, so i think it is pretty legit. I know we all get these things in our email from time to time, but when a trusted radio station warns, i listen!

Just heard on WBZ that some one has hacked into AIM and can access files through your computer. Apparently, AOL confirmed it earlier this evening

Until AOL comes out with a patch (probably tomorrow) go to File>Edit Options>Edit Prefrences. Click on privacy then under "who can contact me" check "only users on my buddy list"


Here is a snippet from an online article located here. (http://www.wbz.com/now/story/0,1597,322895-364,00.shtml)
A security hole in AOL Time Warner's Instant Messenger program used by millions of people worldwide can let a hacker take full control of a victim's computer, according to security researchers and the company.