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01-04-2002, 06:39 AM
Hi my name is Thomas Ericson and I'm new to this editing in booth SWGB (and AOE).
My kid brother like the game to so I was planing to make some additional missions 4 him by using the movies as a guideline. Well any way, I need help whit about everything.

This is the history of events.

1. As the mission start you will se :c3po: C-3PO in a corner of the map and hear him say some thing from the movie.
2. He will automatically mow to a selected spot on the map and be captured by Java's, (has been able to select him to go to a specific place but he doesn't move).
3. As C-3PO is captured R2-D2 :r2d2: will appear in a different place of the map however this time you can mow him your self.
4. The mission will end whit R2-D2 meeting the Java's.