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11-05-2001, 05:35 PM
I have just decided to start a new Club called Star Wars Battleground Zero. It is a club based off of taking over planets, using all of the factions in the game. I Cannot say which website is interested in having me create the game, but if you e-mail me at dream_cypher@hotmail.com, I can tell you more.

The following is needed.....

Faction Leaders: Someone with alot of time on their hands, who can run a faction, they will also need to have knowledge of building webpages, and such things.

Image Makers: I will need some people who can make a few logos, and such.

Players: More importantly we will need members to play!


11-05-2001, 09:52 PM
AoE Rat has created a system much like what you just discribed and the Senate will most likely put that in as their first tourniment...very sorry but we have a VERY large thread about this in off-topic that was created about this nearly at the begining of this forum...