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01-10-2002, 01:02 PM
Hi folks...

Just wanted to send out an invitation to all of you who may be looking to join up with a "clan" or just looking to make new friends to play SWGB with to come & check out our little group called The Horde. We are a group of Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds players operating under the Ghost Legion of the Last Starfighter's League (LSF). If you play on the Zone or use Battlestats.com, you may be familiar with LSF. Our unit consists of a small group of players who are committed to fair play and the following principles: balanced teams, teamwork, cooperation & gaming conduct that is considerate to other players in the clan. Our unit was founded on December 13th, 2001. We primarily use ICQ & mIRC to communicate with each other to set up IP or Zone games for regular matches with one another. We have regularly scheduled training games each week (normally Wednesdays & Fridays). We also have other games scheduled by members when they are available to play.

W welcome players of all skill levels...the median skill level for our group is at the intermediate level. So even if you are just starting out...don't be afraid to join us...we all have to start some where...right? When we play games with one another...we take into account everyone skill levels so that we can balance teams as best as possible...

In addition to training sessions, the Horde regularly participates in Weeks of War (WoW) at Battlestats.com aiding the Last Star Fighters League (LSF) in their quest to be the best Star Wars gamers in the galaxy. The unit also participates in internal campaigns with the other factions of LSF (i.e., the Rebel Alliance & the Galactic Empire).

If you're looking for a good group of folks to play SWGB with...or a lot of other games for that matter...you may have found yourself a new home with the Horde...if you have any questions...feel free to contact me directly at kawika_iida@hotmail.com or via ICQ at 22471532.


The Horde Website: