View Full Version : Princess Lea's mission 5 - Need help

01-11-2002, 05:01 AM
Any ideas how win this scenario?
I tried almost everything, i think. On moderate level i've got about 10 hvy troopers, 2 hvy assault mechs, blaster cannon & hvy mobile AA. I've got Lea & Luke also. The Empire has at least 7 TIE bombers & 7 TIE Fighters (againist one my AA!!!), lot of troops, assault & strike mechs.... I need to drive transport via the canal to the athmosperic processor & get my R2s into it. Canal guarded by 4 medium blaster turrets, it can sink down my transport in a moment.
Only way to destroy it - use blaster cannon. But when i start attack it, all imperials start attacking me with all of their forces (see above :()
In any case, one time i destroyed all of them, but during that time they built even more.
Scenario objectives:
i need capture processor, and defend it in all costs! Damn, how??? :(
They've got 3 airbases, 3 mechs factories, 3 hvy factories, lot of troop centers....and i've nothing, but couple of kamikaze....

Someone can help me out???
P.S. Sorry for my english, i'm russian:)

Volcano Falcon
04-11-2002, 09:03 AM
Just let all your forces protect your AA and your blastercannon. Destroy the turrets whit your AA and your blastercannon, while your other troops invade the base and destroy the front gate. There are two turrets who must be destroyd before you enter the base. Whan all the turrets are destroyd (which should be destroyd one at a time, first destroy the ones at your site of the lake (or whatever) and then the ones at the other site) you can move in your R2's and you can capture the processor. And the imperial forces :barf: are easy to defeat when you put your troopers in front, then you AA-troopers and then the mechs whit Luke :luke: and Leia :leia: garrisoned inside them.


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