View Full Version : Will you have an addiction to this game do you think?

12-07-2001, 08:48 AM
Will you have an addiction to this game? Have you been addicted to any other MMORPG's in the past? Is there an MMORPG Anonymous?

12-07-2001, 11:40 AM
*Looks at AC*
*Looks at SWG*

Yes. and Yes.

12-07-2001, 02:07 PM
Oh, most definitely. If previous experiences with MMORPGs are any indication, I'm going to be hooked like a junkie on smack.

Darth Evad
12-07-2001, 04:43 PM
I've never played an RPG let alone an MMORPG.
I remember when I first got JK, all I did was play SP for hours on end.
I suspect I'll be addicted. /forums/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

12-08-2001, 12:28 AM
I've been a vid game and rpg addict for some time, although I was able to quell it for a short time. I actually was more of a 'first person shooter' type for a while, until EQ. The first time I saw EQ, I was wholly uninterested. A few friends managed to con me into getting the game. I was hooked from the first day.

I've since left, but only in the anticipation of SWG. I've been doing some work on a PA site already and I'm now doing graphics and other things for SlicerHQ (http://www.slicerhq.com)

Addicted? Addicted you say? I already am.. and the game is not going to be out for nearly a year. /forums/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

12-11-2001, 06:04 PM
i expect to play 40 hours a week for the first few weeks if that's any indication.. I'm going to be one of those high level uber guys!