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01-12-2002, 05:48 PM
\The new version of my RPG is ready, you can download it here: http://www.angelfire.com/scifi2/dark_ewok/RPG_Academy_Beta_2.zip
Just Unzip it into your "Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds\Game" folder.

Here is what you get in this version:

It has now more than 160 triggers.

I changed almost all triggers from the beta 1 (about 80%) and modified the map, just part of the academy is still the same.

as i explained in the first beta , you start as a trooper recruit without upgrades , as you kill enemies you will gain levels, level will give you upgrades like better armor, better attack-range, unit upgrade. (i changed the levels from B1 btw)

I added something new, when you reach level 10 you will be able to become an "Elite Trooper" wich is only a bit better than reapeter trooper, but can regen. After this point level up changes, on levels 11+ instead of getting a "normal" upgrade you get 200 nova, you can spend this nova in the academy, you have 2 choices:
To get +10 hp go to the war center
To get +3 attack go to the troop center
Each upgrade will cost you 100 nova, so you decide what you want to do, you can use all your nova in only one kind of upgrade or get 1 of each.
So it is now your choice what to do.

Also I added a couple missions, first Destroy the probot leader in the training center (same as Beta1) the only difference is that probots can now kill ya
Next mission: kill ewok leader in the forest and burn all military buildings. i added a "click for action" system, to burn ewok buildings you select them when you are close, and they will start burning slowly. (takes about 5 secs).

Discover next missions by yourself.

I hope you like it.

You can post here any suggestions, comments or any bugs you find (I didnt find any in the tests...)

01-13-2002, 01:00 AM
its cool but when you kill a orange probot a stormtrooper recruit comes and so does a orange probot and you can't kill them both with out dieing,in the end I got simon to kill the probot leader.
Also when you visit the base with the 2 airbases,is anything suppose to happen?

01-13-2002, 01:42 AM
Whenever I try to download it, it takes me to a page that says Angelfire won't let me dl it. :(

01-13-2002, 11:45 AM
Well...first of all, this is a multiplayer scenario. If you play it alone it will be harder on low levels.

The probots are divided in 3 "teams", when you attack the first orange probot 3 more will come after you, after that, when you attack the grey probot 2 more will come after you (but they have more hp) then you can kill the leader (make sure you have full hp b4 doing this), But it IS posible, just heal betwen attacks.

And nothing is supposed to happen when you get to the base with 2 airbases, its just a "support" base, so you can heal and run there when you are in trouble.

As for the download error, i didnt have any trouble... when you click on the link your download will start and a new window will appear (dont pay attention to the window) and it downloads fine.

I dont know what your problem is :confused: , sorry

01-13-2002, 06:01 PM
okay, it was fun to play though
btw your avatar, and banner are awesome

01-14-2002, 12:53 PM