View Full Version : Conveyor belt issues

01-13-2002, 05:11 PM
I can't get off the conveyor belt once I get on, no matter which way I go down. (Yes, I installed the patch before even starting the game.) Every time I try to walk down the belt, it moves me back up/down again ... how do I leave the belt? Is this a bug or am I just being dense? :)

01-13-2002, 06:39 PM
There is a speed issue with the belt but the patch doesn't take care of it. Two things to remember: first, there's really no reason to fool with the belt at all until you escape (when the nature of the problem changes); second, never flip that switch by the belt until the escape or you'll really have problems.

How to get off in your situation depends on which way the belt is running. If it's moving down (that is, it's carrying Manny off to the right side of the screen), what you should do is let it for a little while and then have Manny run in the opposite direction and turn him to the left. That is, run to the edge of the belt. If you do it right he'll jump off.

If the belt is carrying Manny to the surface you can try walking to the left. Or watch his head. It'll move a little when he notices the switch. If you watch for that and hit ENTER when it happens, Manny will jump off by himself to flip the switch.

When Manny first encounters the belt it's running downwards. You should leave it like that until the escape.

Possible spoiler...

If, however, you have the belt running toward the surface and you've lowered the chain (so that it's bunched up at the top) you have a different problem. You can't get off in this situation. You'll have to go back to an earlier game. The belt needs to be running down when you lower the chain to avoid this problem.