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01-13-2002, 05:57 PM
Last time I played Monkey island 4 emi, I found out how much errors were in mi4 so feel free to post dem here.

1.When Guybrush reads the letter from his grampa Marley, it says : '.... ten times worse than Big Whoop....' . When he wrote the letter Big Whoop wasn't even around.
2.When going to the bait shop you go through the peice of wood.
3. At Pegnose Pete's house, the door stays open after Ozzie Mandrill arrives.
4. Sometimes when Guybrush goes on to the raft in the swamp, he walk through the rocks on the left side of the raft.
5.When you go to sit on the bench on Lucre island while a tourist comes from the right side of the screen, you get trapped in a treadmill state.

There are a lot more errors, these are the ones I found.:D

01-15-2002, 12:36 PM
actually, big whoop was around when he wrote the letter, i think were led to believe that big whoop has been around for ever and if you remember, HT Marley found it just after lechuck went through it so he did know about it at the time. all the other mistakes are just errors in the game itself, not the storyline.